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  • Remembering Cardinal George

    We are never quite the same after experiencing endearing moments that touch us. The recent death of Cardinal Francis E. George, retired archbishop of Chicago, reminds me of cherished moments.
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  • Pornography on the supermarket shelves

    This past April 22, a coalition that has brought together the National Center on Sexual Exploitation, doctors, activists and community leaders launched the “Cosmo Harms Minors” campaign seeking to “inform, expose and equip communities to take action and protect minors,” according to their National Press Club news conference release.
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  • Rise of a homeschooled Catholic tech star

    On Sunday night the email landed in Mike Foss’ inbox: He had been named to Forbes’ “30 Under 30,” the business magazine’s annual list of rising stars younger than 30.
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  • Leading from the center, not the top

    I’ve been thinking a lot these days about the geometry of leadership. Those thoughts are prompted by invitations I’ve had to speak to college students about leadership and also by the recent death of a great educational leader, Holy Cross Father Theodore M. Hesburgh, and by the emergence in Iowa and New Hampshire of presidential hopefuls as the primary season begins to heat up.
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  • Dialogue: Essential for peaceful relationships

    According to The New York Times, during a White House luncheon in 1954 Winston Churchill said, “To jaw-jaw ([talk-talk) always is better than to war-war.”
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  • A Lenten lesson to practice throughout life

    On a recent trip out West, I once again became aware of one of St. John XXIII’s reasons for initiating the Second Vatican Council: to encourage the church to adjust to changing times.
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  • The last trimester of life: The spirituality of aging

    In Sacred Scripture our Lord reminds us in Psalms, Chapter 90 that God turns humanity back to dust and that “Seventy is the sum of our years, or 80, if we are strong; Most of them are toil and sorrow; they pass quickly, and we are gone.”
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  • The greatness of being you

    Most people never think of themselves as great, but if you think about it, you are quite extraordinary.
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  • The sanctuary of St. Boniface as the tabernacle of the suffering Christ

    In ancient times, the tabernacle was the tent that housed the divine presence among the Israelites; today the word is used to describe the container that holds the reserved consecrated Eucharist in church.
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  • A compelling cathedral

    Imagine three medieval workers standing around a large vat, vigorously mixing its contents. Though they are all engaged in the same task, each has a different answer when asked just what they are doing. One responds, “I’m mixing clay”; the second says, “I’m making bricks”; but the third boasts, “I’m building a cathedral.”
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  • Be compassionate

    We have a loving and compassionate God and Jesus calls us to practice these virtues in our lives. This is our mission as Christians. Here are some practical ways to be more holy and compassionate so as to fulfill Christ’s command.
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  • The darkest day of the human experience

    The darkest day in the life of a human being is the death of a loved one – be it a parent, grandparent, sibling, child, family member, close friend, significant other or even a family pet. Grief is the human suffering caused by that death.
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  • The spiritual meaning of suffering and death

    Anyone can commit suicide. It’s done all the time. But recently we have seen a movement toward legalization of assisted suicide.
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  • The way of the cross

    Writing a column on social justice and peace offers me plenty of timely issues to choose from. And I always truly sense from God the exact issue he desires that I write on.
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  • Ricci Institute promotes study of Christianity in China

    This is one in a series of articles on the mission church in China, highlighting historic and current work by clergy, religious and laity from the San Francisco area. Passionist Father Robert Carbonneau, who is executive director, of the U.S. Catholic China Bureau in Berkeley and resides with the De LaSalle Christian Brothers at Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory in San Francisco, suggested the series “to encourage San Francisco Catholics to learn about and respect the contribution of Chinese Catholic identity.”
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  • Beating swords into plowshares

    “In the days to come, the mountain of the Lord’s house shall be established as the highest mountain and raised above the hills,” writes the prophet Isaiah.
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  • Confession for what ails us

    Recently, I went with my family and our grandson Jack for his first confession. It was a happy affair.
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  • Letting love in during Lent

    My love goes out to all of you this holy season of Lent. Now that I am an old man, I see more clearly that love is the only thing that really matters in life.
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  • Unsung stories highlight National Catholic Sisters Week

    Belinda Monahan has analyzed more than 100,000 animal bones in Armenia dating back from the early Bronze Age (1,200 B.C.) to the medieval period.
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  • Catholic education: The best investment

    When I was asked by Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone to help him in his ministry at the parish of St Anthony Padua, I somehow had an idea on the pastoral and financial accomplishments made by the people of God guided by the Franciscan friars for over a century.
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