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  • Unfamiliar with scientific method

    In his critique of Pope Francis comments on climate change Ed Binetti (Dec. 3)) seems unfamiliar with scientific method. The method sequence is observation, making a hypothesis or theory, followed by experiments to test theory, leading to a conclusion based on result.
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  • The gift of giving

    As an aging man, in the autumn of his years, I return to Christmases past. I remember the joy as a child of opening presents from those who loved me. One Christmas stands out. I remember when my father got me a new bicycle.
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  • Contesting letters appreciated

    I really enjoyed the honesty of both letters by Ed Binetti and Richard Morasci (Dec. 3). And I agree fully with them. But I will also give credit to the paper for printing those letters which disagree with some of your liberal writers. Merry Christmas.
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  • Pope Francis a quisling?

    In his Dec. 3 letter Mr. Ed Binetti declares that the Holy Father is “not a scientist” but rather a “gullible quisling” – all because of Pope Francis’ efforts to deal with global warming and other environmental problems.
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  • Misleading portrait

    Ed Binetti spreads the misleading portrait of Pope Francis by climate change deniers who do not want to listen to the Pope’s authoritative moral voice in the encyclical “Laudato Si” by giving misinformation about Pope Francis by saying “Francis is not a scientist.
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  • Marriage is a divine gift

    Marriage is in decline and fewer couples are marching to the altar while unmarried cohabitation is on the rise.
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  • Papal politics and climate change

    Pope Francis is quoted saying, “A very solid scientific consensus indicates we are presently witnessing a disturbing warming of the climatic system.” The trouble with this statement is science does not operate on consensus.
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  • No excuses on sex abuse

    I have not seen the movie “Spotlight” yet. Since it is a Hollywood movie, I would expect that it got some things right and some things wrong. Mr. Clifford (Letters, Nov. 12) seems to be taking another stance when he blames the media during the Catholic priest sex abuse scandal.
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  • California bishops must oppose death penalty

    Yesterday (Nov. 12) the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals rejected a legal challenge to the death penalty. Now, the bishops of the California Catholic Conference need to do three actions to support a culture of life:
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  • Foudy family remembrance

    On Nov. 7 Bishop William Justice was principal celebrant of a funeral Mass for Mary Foudy at St. Gabriel Church in San Francisco. Bishop Ignatius Wang and Bishop Daniel Walsh, along with priests of the archdiocese, were present to attest to the remarkable life of not only of Mary but of her late beloved brothers, Msgr. John Foudy and Father Denis Foudy.
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  • Movie sure to get story wrong

    Remember that you heard it here first: A new movie about the Catholic Church sex abuse scandal is sure to get the story wrong.
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  • Hungarians’ wounded memories

    Here is a comment on Lenny Barretto’s letter (“Prelate’s remarks intolerant,” Oct. 22). He asks, “Why then single out Islam and Muslims as a threat to Europe?”
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  • Passing God by

    On a family trip to Las Vegas this summer, I observed something that moved me.
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  • Prelate’s remarks intolerant

    The Hungarian Bishop Laszio Kiss-Rego seems paranoid and upset at the influx of Muslim refugees entering Europe.
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  • Defending tenants’ rights

    I write about our situation in the area surrounding our parish in the Mission District, but certainly in defense of all local communities under threat of displacement. Speaking to Gabriel Medina from the Mission Economic Development Association (another great Riordan graduate), and Francisco Herrera, long active in Mission District parishes, taught me that 1,400 families with children, and a total of 8,000 people, many on fixed income or disability after working for many years, have been evicted over the past 10 years in the Mission District, even though they are good tenants who pay their rent. I personally have been involved with many families or fixed income individuals who unjustly are given eviction notices.
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  • Dorothy Day a voice for our times

    Father Ronald Rolheiser writes about Dorothy Day in your Sept. 11 issue, calling her truly an example for our time.
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  • Moral line crossed long before Hiroshima

    The debate over whether our dropping two atomic bombs on Japan in August 1945 ended the war, and whether the Japanese were about to surrender anyway, will probably never be resolved.
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  • A-bomb lesson

    In condemning the atomic bombing of Japan, letter writer Richard Morasci (Sept. 11) says Japanese diplomats were trying to end the war and “did not want to fight to the last man standing.”
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  • The county clerk in Kentucky

    There is definitely a mixed reaction to the county clerk in Kentucky who took a personal stand against signing same-sex marriage licenses.
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  • Reflection on Hiroshima and Nagasaki

    Kent Grealish (letter, Aug. 28) is upset and angry with Tony Magliano for reporting the article on Father Zebelka, the A-bomb chaplain who indicated remorse for blessing the A-bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki that resulted in the death of thousands of civilians and children.
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