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Letters from Readers

  • Apologies to Tony Magliano

    I have the wonderful experience of being able to enjoy reading both the San Jose and San Francisco diocesan newspapers.
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  • Ad not money well spent

    As far as I can judge from their Chronicle advertisement, the self-proclaimed “Catholic Community of San Francisco” seems to find it objectionable that Archbishop Cordileone believes in the teachings of the church.
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  • Supporting doctrinal integrity

    I just want to tell you that I am profoundly supportive of the archbishop’s (very brave) stance in the matter of the teacher contracts in Catholic schools, which has recently stirred up the press.
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  • Augustine, teachers and freedom

    Can a fourth-century bishop clarify the conflict over standards of conduct for high school teachers?
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  • Opposition proves need for action

    The large volume of the opposition to Archbishop Cordileone’s removing of ambiguities in our Catholic high school policies by teachers and students clearly proves the desperate need for his actions.
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  • Peculiar viewpoint

    Your self-described “social justice and peace columnist” Tony Magliano has a peculiar viewpoint: Apparently peace and justice only flow in one direction – the politically correct one.
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  • Peace in the Holy Land

    Tony Magliano’s April 3 opinion piece “Unholy political positions in the Holy Land” was nothing more than a misinformed propaganda piece.
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  • Long shadow of physician-assisted death

    Senate Bill 128 pending in Sacramento would permit governmental physician-assisted suicide.
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  • Remembering Bishop O’Dowd

    In the March 20 issue of Catholic San Francisco there appeared an enlightening article on the ordinaries/bishops who were natives of the San Francisco archdiocese.
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  • Consider both sides

    I read a lot of one-sided statements in Catholic San Francisco about the controversy over our archbishop’s recent speech to Catholic high school teachers. Both sides need to be considered.
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  • Perennial pro-life witness

    I have walked nine of the 11 years of the West Coast Walk for Life, including Jan. 22, 2015.
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  • Catholics and climate

    Very little research on the part of the writer of this letter would have revealed that (1) George Soros is not a Catholic but an atheist and (2) not only are Catholic bishops pro-climate change but so is the pope.
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  • Media and the sprinklers

    The news coverage of the expose that St. Mary’s Cathedral had a sprinkler system that, like the rain from heaven, fell on anyone who stood under it, was a fine example of the old adage that news stories should be “the sum of the facts, not some of the facts.”
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  • Caring for the homeless

    Have you ever been homeless? Putting up sprinklers that directly get the homeless wet is not caring for one another.
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  • Laity and the catechism

    I recently submitted an essay entitled “What’s a Catholic to Do,” which concluded: Look to the Catechism of the Catholic Church for church doctrine to guide your behavior with today’ complex issues. But you, sir, “tend to demur on catechism commentary by the laity.”
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  • Correcting the record

    I’m the director of communications for Defense One. I just wanted to make one small correction to Tony Magliano’s reply to “US strategy against ISIS” in your letters section (March 20).
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  • Employee contracts and the HHS mandate

    With regard to the controversial moral language that has been added to the San Francisco archdiocesan school teachers contracts it should be kept in mind that most American Catholic bishops are implementing similar morality clauses in their diocesan employee contracts.
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  • Limits of pacifism

    In response to Tony Magliano’s March 6 column “Beating swords into plowshares,” I often wonder if Mr. Magliano is living on the same planet as the rest of us.
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  • Man, church and climate change

    Mr. Firenze’s comments about climate change – “much worse than being a fraud, it is heresy” (letters, March 20) defies reasonable logic and discussion.
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  • Witness to melting ice

    About “Climate change is a fraud”: I was not there but I do believe that it was colder during the last Ice Age than it is now. I was there, 60 years ago, standing on the Columbia Icefield (Canadian Rockies) on about 150 feet of ice.
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