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Letters from Readers

  • Faith and naivete

    A person may be called naive if she or he (“xe”) does not understand why “xe” believes something and has no means of testing the truth of what is believed.
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  • Catholics have the answer

    Thank you for your answers to the misguided signers of the ad to Pope Francis. Thanks to our controlled media, we have a lot of misguided people.
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  • Bringing people together

    I feel I should defend the writers of the open letter to Pope Francis that was published in the Chronicle.
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  • The sword and the lily

    In his column (“Who am I to judge?” April 24) Father Ron Rolheiser says that we, not Christ, judge ourselves.
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  • Avoiding ‘witch hunts’

    I was pleased to read Archbishop Cordileone’s statement that he doesn’t want “witch hunts” in our archdiocese.
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  • Drought a teachable moment

    It is a major issue, one that affects us all: the California drought.
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  • Holy Week and the Chronicle ad

    Holy Week, the Easter triduum, and the wrenching memory of Jesus’ painful suffering and death, hardly forgotten some days ago, seemed too far behind us to resurface partially in the protests and posturing against our archbishop in mid-April.
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  • Yeshiva model for Catholic education

    My first reaction to Archbishop Cordileone’s letter to Catholic high school teachers was perplexity.
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  • A reflection on Catholic education

    Catholic education – this is something I have cherished since growing up in San Francisco in the 1950s and 1960s: I graduated from St. Cecilia School, St. Rose Academy and Dominican University of California.
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  • Opportunities for forgiveness

    With all that’s going on let’s thank God for the opportunities offered daily to practice lessons of forgiveness and not judging, as found in Matthew.
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  • Ad inadvisable

    On April 16, a full-page ad ran in the Chronicle asking the pope to replace Archbishop Cordileone.
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  • Supporting the archbishop

    I am in full support of what our archbishop is trying to do. Protecting the sanctity of life and the sanctity of marriage as the guardian of life, even as the Holy Father recently pointed out in his Angelus message last Wednesday, is fundamental if we are to protect against so many degrading elements in our culture, from the Armenian genocide, to the violence among those abandoned by their fathers who hang out in the street and are caught up in the thug life, to the current push to legalize euthanasia.
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  • Thanking the auxiliaries

    Let us give thanks to our two stalwart auxiliary bishops, Most Rev. Robert McElroy and Most Rev. William Justice, who have served us constantly, faithfully and with cheerful hearts, and a sense of humor as they administered the sacrament of confirmation throughout our 90 parishes in addition to numerous social events and official engagements.
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  • Apologies to Tony Magliano

    I have the wonderful experience of being able to enjoy reading both the San Jose and San Francisco diocesan newspapers.
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  • Ad not money well spent

    As far as I can judge from their Chronicle advertisement, the self-proclaimed “Catholic Community of San Francisco” seems to find it objectionable that Archbishop Cordileone believes in the teachings of the church.
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  • Supporting doctrinal integrity

    I just want to tell you that I am profoundly supportive of the archbishop’s (very brave) stance in the matter of the teacher contracts in Catholic schools, which has recently stirred up the press.
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  • Augustine, teachers and freedom

    Can a fourth-century bishop clarify the conflict over standards of conduct for high school teachers?
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  • Opposition proves need for action

    The large volume of the opposition to Archbishop Cordileone’s removing of ambiguities in our Catholic high school policies by teachers and students clearly proves the desperate need for his actions.
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  • Peculiar viewpoint

    Your self-described “social justice and peace columnist” Tony Magliano has a peculiar viewpoint: Apparently peace and justice only flow in one direction – the politically correct one.
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  • Peace in the Holy Land

    Tony Magliano’s April 3 opinion piece “Unholy political positions in the Holy Land” was nothing more than a misinformed propaganda piece.
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