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Letters from Readers

  • Appalled at protests

    I’m appalled at the protests on the cathedral steps against Archbishop Cordileone. For the protests to occur during Mass is scandalous.
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  • Sacred duty to teach

    I want to voice my support and deep appreciation for Archbishop Cordileone as he seeks to work with our Catholic high schools to make sure that they are providing an accurate and unified teaching of Catholic doctrine.
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  • Schools off course

    Archbishop Cordileone should be roundly applauded for removing the apparent ambiguity in the guidelines governing the Catholic schools operation under his governance.
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  • Moral stance encouraging

    Thank you for your moral clause in the San Francisco high school handbooks.
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  • God calls all to serve him

    Who among us would say, in light of the growing gap between female and male college graduates, that women should stop going to college?
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  • Difficult for women to relate

    The recent decisions, and the articulated rationale at Star of the Sea Parish regarding female altar servers, have been upsetting to many.
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  • Sincere but flawed defense

    Father Illo makes what is undoubtedly a sincere but also a very flawed defense of his decision to ban altar girls.
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  • What would Mary say?

    I write concerning Father Illo’s effort to exclude girls as altar servers at his parish. I also write as a father of two daughters and a grandfather of three granddaughters.
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  • All one in Christ Jesus

    I would quote Galatians 3:26-29: “For you are all sons of God through faith in Christ Jesus.
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  • Courage of Irena Sendler

    I was happy to read your newspaper article on Irena Sendler (“How one young Catholic saved 2,500 kids,” Christina Capecchi column, Jan. 28).
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  • Women in the church

    Catholic San Francisco posted on Pope Francis saying, “I am convinced at the urgency of offering space to women in the life of the church ...” (Feb. 13, Page 11).
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  • Who are the saints?

    Letters in Catholic San Francisco’s Feb. 6 issue largely support girl altar servers. Who are the saints in our Catholic Church?
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  • Role of boys and men at Mass

    I agree with Father Illo’s stance regarding training only boys to serve at Mass.
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  • Soul-searching time

    Is personal morality of no concern at all? Are social-justice issues now entirely the call? Do both matter?
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  • Reaction proves archbishop’s point

    Has it occurred to anyone else that the brouhaha over Archbishop Cordileone’s adding morality clauses to the high schools’ teacher contracts and handbooks is proof that the clauses are, indeed, needed?
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  • Discussion better than suppression

    As an alumnus of Marin Catholic and father of children in Catholic school, I read Archbishop Cordileone’s proposed handbook changes and related articles with interest. The archbishop blames divergence from adherence to Catholic teaching on “tremendous pressure” from secular culture.
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  • Setting a higher standard

    The San Francisco Chronicle is at it, again, criticizing the archdiocese and telling it how to run its business.
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  • Welcome return to orthodoxy

    As a parent of a Catholic high school senior, I was pleased to read about the additional language for the teacher handbook. It’s really just common sense.
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  • A clear model of church – but not the only one

    Thank you for printing the full text of the archbishop’s letter to the teachers and the full text of the changes to the faculty handbook. Having the authentic source material gives us all a solid grasp on what is being promulgated.
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  • Torture is never justified

    In response to Mike DeNunzio’s letter (“Principle of proportionality,” Jan. 23) criticizing the United Nations position that no circumstances may justify torture, I suggest followers of Jesus Christ give great weight to Jesus words to treat others as we would have them treat us. I have never met anyone who wanted to be subjected to waterboarding.
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