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Letters from Readers

  • Exclusionary edicts

    I am the father of three girls. I “religiously” go to church every Sunday. The church faces numerous challenges, including dwindling attendance and the priest abuse scandals.
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  • More boys in the priesthood

    Kudos to Father Illo for having the guts to do what he thinks will get more boys into the priesthood.
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  • Call to holiness for everyone

    I am writing to express my disappointment about Father Joseph Illo’s decision not to allow girls to altar serve at Star of the Sea Parish.
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  • Decades of redemption

    About Father Illo’s policy eliminating girls from altar service and his rationale for doing so, I would like to point out to him and his ilk that the decrease in priestly vocations can be directly attributed to the global clergy sex scandal and the collusion of the ecclesiastical hierarchy which perpetuated the horror.
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  • Deeply pained

    As the mother of three daughters, I was deeply pained to hear of the decision to ban girls from being altar servers at Star of the Sea Church in San Francisco.
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  • Boys need Catholic values without confusion

    I read with interest the letters in the Feb. 6 Catholic San Francisco as well as the archbishop’s “Affirm and Proclaim.” As the father of three boys completing Catholic educations, I know teenage boys need Catholic values and guidance without confusion more than ever.
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  • Applying our Catholic faith to our economic actions

    I am very sorry that Kaufer’s Religous Supplies store is closing. Going back to its days on Market street, it has been a place important to my religious formation, where I could explore books, music, catechetical and other church resources.
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  • Boy and girl altars servers are complementary

    I am greatly troubled by Star of the Sea’s recent decision to train only boy altar servers in the future (Jan. 31). While it is certainly the right of the pastor to do so, I feel this decision has widespread implications for all of us in the Archdiocese of San Francisco.
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  • Checking facts on vocations

    The Rev. Joseph Illo’s opinion that the shrinking ranks of priests can be bolstered by only using boys as altar servers at Star of the Sea is just that – an opinion unsupported by the facts.
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  • Women saints, martyrs inspire

    Thank you for your fair-minded article on the change in altar service at Star of the Sea Parish.
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  • What would Jesus say?

    So ... if girls aren’t welcome at Star of the Sea as altar servers (“Star of the Sea pastor trains only boys as altar servers,” Jan. 30) then is it fair to assume that the moms, aunties and grandmothers of this parish are not welcome to volunteer in classrooms, or organize or chair any fundraising events?
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  • Altar service deepens girls’ faith

    Being an altar server was foundational to my spiritual formation as a young girl. My heart breaks for my fellow parents’ daughters who are being denied this opportunity to deepen their relationship with God and their Catholic faith.
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  • Mary would proudly serve

    Reading Father Illo’s reason for having only boys as altar servers, thus “awakening a desire for the priesthood by serving at the altar among a brotherhood of young men,” I worry that we are heading back along a path that has torn us apart for the past 20 or more years.
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  • Punished for doing a better job?

    When you wrote about Father Illo banning girls from being altar servers, you failed to include the first reason he gave.
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  • Attendance drop-off not girls’ fault

    I would like to take issue with Father Illo’s decision. It is sexist and punishment for the girls doing a better job.
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  • Building a community of disciples

    We were so pleased at the archbishop’s pastoral visit to our parish (St. Charles, San Carlos). His homily covered all three readings with the theme of building a community of committed disciples in the archdiocese.
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  • Limits to free speech

    The massacre in Paris on Jan. 7 at the office of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo rightfully deserved universal condemnation.
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  • Principle of proportionality

    The 1987 U.N. Convention on Torture ratified by the U.S. recognizes torture is inhumane, immoral, and produces lies, truths and half-truths.
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  • All lives matter

    “Black lives matter,” according to the writer of the letter headlined “Unequal Justice” that appeared in the Jan. 9 edition.
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  • Mass books deepen faith

    Thank you for the book review “New books offer valuable guidance in understanding the Mass,” in the Jan. 9 edition. I’m always pleased to find recommendations for resources to help me in understanding the Mass and deepening my faith.
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