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Letters from Readers

  • Principle of proportionality

    The 1987 U.N. Convention on Torture ratified by the U.S. recognizes torture is inhumane, immoral, and produces lies, truths and half-truths.
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  • All lives matter

    “Black lives matter,” according to the writer of the letter headlined “Unequal Justice” that appeared in the Jan. 9 edition.
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  • Mass books deepen faith

    Thank you for the book review “New books offer valuable guidance in understanding the Mass,” in the Jan. 9 edition. I’m always pleased to find recommendations for resources to help me in understanding the Mass and deepening my faith.
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  • Unequal justice

    To write an article about an honest police officer in the Ferguson Police Department is to ignore the issues and once again highlights how out of touch you are.
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  • Police lives matter, too

    Yes, black lives matter, but so do the lives of our police. Conventual Franciscan Father Paul Gawlowski and parishioners of St. Paul of the Shipwreck Parish should be mindful of the grand jury outcome of Michael Brown’s killing.
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  • Memories of Jesuit high-school education

    After reading the article, of the many memories that came to mind, none is more vivid than the wonderful days at my alma mater, St. Patrick’s High School, Karachi, at the time British India.
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