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  • Remembering another great encyclical

    While Pope Francis’ new encyclical “Laudato, Si’” is enjoying wide publicity, few people are aware this year marks the 20th anniversary of another powerfully prophetic social justice and peace encyclical: “Evangelium Vitae” (“The Gospel of Life”).
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  • The value and power of ritual

    Today we no longer understand the value and power of ritual. This is more than an individual failing. It’s the cultural air we breathe. In the words of Robert L. Moore, we’ve gone “ritually tone-deaf.” The effects of this can be seen everywhere: Allow me two examples:
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  • Resistance to Pope Francis’ encyclical

    Recently, Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum said the pope should “leave science to the scientists.” His sentiment is echoed by those who deny climate change and contend that the church should stay out of the debate – following the release of “Laudato Si’” and the conversation that the pope’s encyclical letter on the environment has generated.
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  • Living out of a deep spirit of Christian joy

    The world into which Jesus sent the Twelve to preach the Gospel is different than the world into which today’s evangelists labor. More than anything else, residents of our contemporary Western world are imbued with a naturalist mentality.
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  • Assisted suicide: A Catholic perspective

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  • The banking of sperm and eggs before cancer treatments

    Both chemotherapy and radiation can affect sexual organs and how they work. The American Cancer Society addresses the potential effects on male fertility this way: “Chemo may lower the number of sperm cells, reduce their ability to move, or cause other changes. … Because permanent sterility (infertility) may occur, it’s important to discuss this issue with your doctor BEFORE you start chemo. You might want to think about banking your sperm for future use.”
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  • The trappings of our modern world

    In 1976, you could drive to the United States Capitol, park there and be greeted by police officers who acted as tour guides. You could stand on its steps and watch the city wake up in the morning. Today, this is not allowed.
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  • The family: The closest hospital

    VATICAN CITY – Illness, a common experience in the life of families from childhood until advanced age, was the theme of Pope Francis’ catechesis during his Wednesday. June 11, general audience. “The family has always been the ‘closest hospital,’ and still, today, in many parts of the world, the hospital is a privilege enjoyed by few, and is often far away.
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  • State of the Fourth Estate

    The essays by columnists toward Archbishop Cordileone demonstrate the pathetic state of the Fourth Estate within San Francisco and its environs.
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  • Embrace wisdom, invoke compassion

    Between me and my three siblings we have 32 years with the Sisters of the Holy Name at St. Mark’s School; we have six with the Jesuits at Loyola High School. We have six years with the Franciscans at St Anthony’s Seminary; two with the Sisters of Notre Dame and another two with the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart. We have six more with the Jesuits at Loyola Marymount University.
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  • Inclusive terminology

    Thank you for including the “mixed-race” community in your article. We use the term “multiracial,” but understand that people do use other terminology that may not be as inclusive or respectable. Unfortunately, we at Project RACE (www.projectrace.com) must deal with these issues daily.
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  • Archdiocese needs Solomon

    The 108 “committed Catholics” who petitioned Pope Francis to remove Archbishop Cordileone have been committed to every San Francisco archbishop – including Archbishop Cordileone.
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  • Too late for ‘reality check’

    Archbishop Martin and Italian Cardinal Parolin and German Cardinal Kasper are quoted lamenting the Irish vote to redefine marriage.
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  • Called to blind trust in God’s power and love

    The Book of Job is about the problem of suffering: How can the goodness and power of God be reconciled with the reality of suffering in the world? Where is God in my suffering? How can God expect me to be a disciple and a believer with such anguish in my heart, with such pain in my life?
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  • Racism: Paradox of the unique and universal

    Race continues to divide our families, our cities and our nation. Communities of all colors in local communities and law enforcement have suffered unacceptable human losses. Race, skin color, religion, creed, national origin (ancestry), sex, age, disability, military status, accent bias, and language discrimination are a few of the “isms” that continue to plague our society irrespective of legal protections, integration efforts and economic development.
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  • The deepest secret inside wisdom

    Everyone longs to know something that’s secret, to know something that others don’t know, but that you know, and the knowledge of which gives you some insight and advantage over others who are outside the inner-circle of that secret. It has always been so. Historically this is called Gnosticism, which forever makes an appearance in one form or another.
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  • The family and the downward spiral of poverty

    VATICAN CITY – The living conditions that put the family to the test and render it vulnerable, starting with poverty, will be the themes of Pope Francis’ catechesis starting from today, he announced to the 20,000 faithful attending Pope Francis’ Wednesday general audience June 3 in St. Peter’s Square.
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  • The hidden poor of Appalachia

    Back in the mid-1980s, I was working as a director of religious education at St. Peter’s Catholic Church in western Maryland.
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  • The veiled language of parables

    In the Disney film, “Mary Poppins,” one of the more aggravating qualities of the magical nanny, to Mr. George Banks, is that he cannot understand her eccentric ways that seem to energize his children as he never could.
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  • Engagement is a path of preparation

    VATICAN CITY – Engagement, the time devoted to laying the groundwork for a project of love taken on in full freedom and awareness, was the theme of Pope Francis’ catechesis during his Wednesday general audience May 27.
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