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  • Coping with anxiety and depression

    Anxiety and depression are common problems today. A sense of isolation tends to heighten these problems, yet it seems the more advanced society becomes, the more it is a challenge for people to stay connected in meaningful ways.
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  • Our utmost in dealing with our faith

    The complexity of adulthood inevitably puts to death the naivete of childhood. And this is true too of our faith. Not that faith is a naiveté. It isn’t.
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  • Embracing our ancient faith

    Nicholas Owen was canonized 364 years after his death.
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  • Inspiration and clarity

    Thank you for the inspiring coverage of the life and funeral of Archbishop John Raphael Quinn in the July 13 edition. He led the Catholic Church through some troublesome times with Christian charity, care and dignity.
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  • Include more inspiration from the pope

    I was so disappointed to see only two small references to our Pope Francis in Catholic San Francisco issue of June 22. I have really appreciated the summaries of his sermons from the daily Mass in the chapel of the Domus Sanctae Marthae that you have sometimes printed in the paper. They inspire and teach us to be like Jesus.
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  • The election of the gentiles

    The election of the Gentiles is one of the great mysteries of Divine Providence in the economy of salvation.
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  • Ecumenism, influence envy, etc.

    Defending the indefensible is never pretty. Or so we’re reminded by recent attempts from the portside of the Catholic commentariat to defend the madcap analysis of America’s alleged “ecumenism of hate” that appeared last month in the Italian Catholic journal, La Civiltà Cattolica (edited by the Jesuits of Rome and published after vetting by the Secretariat of State of the Holy See).
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  • Wanting what is right for us

    God wants us to desire the right things. In the readings, he approaches Solomon, “Ask something of me and I will give it to you. Ask and you will receive,” Jesus echoes (Matthew 7:7).
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  • The Gospel challenge to enjoy our lives

    Joy is an infallible indication of God’s presence, just as the cross is an infallible indication of Christian discipleship. What a paradox! And Jesus is to blame.
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  • Considering the options for infertile couples

    When Catholic couples experience trouble getting pregnant, they often seek medical help and begin to research what options are available to them.
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  • Let’s encourage the elders in our church

    I recently participated in the Convocation of Catholic Leaders in Orlando, Florida. The purpose of this large, unprecedented encounter between U.S. bishops and laity was to study what Pope Francis has termed the “new peripheries” and to form missionary disciples.
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  • Are jihadis ‘losers’?

    When I first visited Israel in 1988, my friend Professor Menahem Milson, a distinguished Arabist at Hebrew University who was Egyptian president Anwar Sadat’s military aide during Sadat’s historic visit to Jerusalem in 1977, told me that “you have to meet my friend, Colonel Yigal Carmon.”
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  • Archbishop Quinn’s secretaries

    As a retired longtime secretary in the chancery office of the archdiocese, I would like to add information to the final paragraph of the coverage of Archbishop John Quinn (“Archbishop John R. Quinn: A clear and powerful voice,” July 13, 2017).
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  • Looking at Luther with fresh eyes

    With great profit and pleasure I’m currently reading Alec Ryrie’s new book “Protestants: The Faith that Made the Modern World.”
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  • Why pray the rosary?

    More than a century ago a proud university student boarded a train in France and sat next to an older man who seemed to be a peasant of comfortable means. The brash student noticed that the older gentleman was slipping beads through his fingers. He was praying the rosary.
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  • Civilta Cattolica essay: Overreaction to a questionable problem

    An overreaction to a questionable problem – that was my thought on reading a piece about American politics and the religious right by two men said to be close to Pope Francis.
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  • Civilta Cattolica misses richness of Catholic-evangelical relations

    In a recent editorial, “Evangelical Fundamentalism and Catholic Integralism: A Surprising Ecumenism,” Civilta Cattolica identified cooperation between Protestant fundamentalists and conservative American Catholics as “a problematic fusion between religion and state, faith and politics, religious values and economy.”
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  • Mary, consecration and Christian life

    A season of consecration is upon us, a season of joyful commitments gladly made. In May, 13 new permanent deacons and in June two new priests were ordained in our cathedral, consecrated to the service of the people of this archdiocese.
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  • James Phelan’s complex history

    I don’t have a dog in this fight, one might say. My only relationship to the University of San Francisco is that I graduated from another college in the Bay Area. So what could be my point?
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  • Respect for the gift of faith

    I know George Weigel is popular in some circles. I find him arrogant and excessively pleased with himself. His latest column is a perfect example (“Way beyond the new atheist nonsense,” June 22).
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