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September 2014

Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory chaplain Father Mark Doherty said the senseless death of freshman Rashawn Williams sends cries to the heavens that “are so deep and so full of grief that they are seemingly inaudible.”

Myriad Catholic groups joined a singing, chanting, sea of people who streamed along ...

Holy Angels Parish in Colma begins its 100th anniversary celebrations with a dinner Sept. 27 in the parish hall, followed by a festival Oct. 4 from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. and a Mass of Thanksgiving celebrated by Auxiliary Bishop Robert W. McElroy Oct. 5 at 1 p.m.

The National Shrine of St. Francis will celebrate the feast of St. Francis Oct. 2-4, with events marking the sixth birthday of the Porziuncola Nuova and the reopening of its shrine church after a five-month renovation project.

A $36,000 ultrasound machine bought with funds raised by Marin County’s three Knights of Columbus councils has been delivered to Marin Pregnancy Clinic in Novato, where executive director Robin Strom said the diagnostic technology can often be an effective abortion ...

PITTSBURGH – An all-night vigil Sept. 13-14 at a Byzantine Catholic church in Pittsburgh provided an opportunity for people of faith to participate in the prayers of the various Catholic churches that are “essential facets” of the culturally, ethnically and ...

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – According to the World Health Organization, the Ebola outbreak in West Africa has infected at least 4,784 people, and claimed the lives of more than 2,400 as of Sept. 15. It is the worst Ebola epidemic in history.

VATICAN CITY – Presiding over the wedding of 20 couples in St. Peter’s Basilica, Pope Francis celebrated marriage as the union of a man and woman playing complementary roles during their common journey through life.

VATICAN CITY – Christians are called to help those who have nothing to give and love those who don’t love back, Pope Francis said.

Have you ever noted how we spontaneously react to a perceived threat? Faced with a threat, our primal instincts tend to take over and we instantly freeze over and begin to shut all the doors opening to warmth, gentleness and empathy inside us.

Planning for end of life situations is important. We should put in place an advance directive before our health takes a serious turn for the worse and we are no longer able to indicate our own wishes or make our own decisions. Advance directives can be of two types: living ...

Don’t be surprised if same-sex partnered families are front and center in news coverage of the 2015 Catholic World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia – whether or not Pope Francis shows
Wealthy foundations that advocate same-sex marriage have a clever strategy. They create a flow of money to Catholic groups or other faith-based groups who oppose Catholic teaching on traditional marriage.
WASHINGTON – The family under discussion when the extraordinary Synod of Bishops convenes at the Vatican Oct. 5 will bear little resemblance to the family of 50 or even 20 years ago.

WASHINGTON – About 20 percent of U.S. Catholics have experienced divorce, according to the General Social Survey at the University of Chicago. The Center for Applied Research on the Apostolate at Georgetown University places the number of divorced Catholics at about 11 ...

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