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October 2014

Perhaps the greatest gift the 95 retired priests of the Archdiocese of San Francisco have given and still share is to be “wisdom,” the keepers of the memory of the community, Bishop William J. Justice told the nearly 600 guests at a gala luncheon in their honor on ...

Scripture scholars tell us that the first part of St. Mark’s Gospel is an attempt to answer the question, “Who is this person?”; “Who is this Jesus of Nazareth?” It is a question that Jesus proposes to his disciples in the Gospels. “Who do ...

Huynh Nguyen, from Quang Tri province, the former demilitarized zone in Vietnam, was a guest of Heidi Kuhn, founder/CEO of Roots of Peace, at her family home in Marin County for the past several weeks.

WASHINGTON – Liturgical matters will take center stage on the agenda of action items at the fall general meeting of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, to be held Nov. 10-13 in Baltimore.

ROME – Just as the so-called Monuments Men salvaged European masterpieces stolen by Nazi forces during World War II, a Dominican priest is protecting priceless manuscripts from falling into the hands of rampaging militants in northern Iraq.

VATICAN CITY – The family is under attack now more than ever because of today’s culture of division that wants to break from and be free of all everlasting bonds and forms of solidarity, Pope Francis said.

VATICAN CITY – Pope Francis urged an international gathering of grass-roots social activists to struggle against the “structural causes” of poverty and inequality, with a “revolutionary” program drawn from the Gospels.

STRATFORD-UPON-AVON, England – Historians and researchers are seeking insights into the life of William Shakespeare amid claims that the playwright was a secret Catholic at a time when the faith faced savage persecution.

It’s that time of year when it’s possible to be anything you want to be. A pirate, a ninja, a clown, a queen: Halloween lets you try on any role for a night. Buy a costume, apply some makeup, and your new identity is complete.

For the first time since 1978, Frank Wolf’s name will not appear on the November ballot in Virginia’s 10th Congressional District. The Republic will be the poorer for that.

Now 93 years of age, Father Bud Duggan was ordained June 15, 1946, at St. Mary’s by Archbishop John J. Mitty. Father Duggan celebrated his first Mass at St. Augustine’s Church, in Oakland, with his mother, Mary Agnes, and his father, Philip, in attendance, along ...
As an octogenarian, I’ve witnessed the rise and am beginning to see the fall of professional, call it commercial, football in the United States. The fan base is so strong and the commercial impact so widespread that the fall may not happen. But it could.
“Religion in Philanthropic Organizations: Family, Friend, Foe?” edited by Thomas J. Davis. Indiana University Press (Bloomington, Indiana, 2013). 227 pp., $25.

The Leo T. McCarthy Center at the University of San Francisco announced its first-ever Engage San Francisco grant recipients. Launched in spring 2014, Engage San Francisco is a new university-wide initiative focused on the Western Addition neighborhood, working in ...

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