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April 2014

When Michael Riddle is baptized and confirmed Easter Sunday at St. Boniface Church, there will be no family members watching from the pews behind him. His mother and brother are both dead and the stepfather he was close to died two weeks ago.

VATICAN CITY – Blesseds John XXIII and John Paul II left lasting marks on the way the Catholic Church understands other religions and the way it interacts with believers of other faith communities.

A pear tree grows in Ross – a last living remnant of the mission days of glory and gore that predated California’s statehood.

There are two-and-a-half rules for the St. Bartholomew men’s prayer group: What’s said in the group, stays in the group; the one-hour Wednesday morning meeting ends on time – at 8 a.m.

Even after 34 years as the producer of California’s largest and longest-running outdoor Passion play, Father Philip Ryan speaks with excitement about the annual liturgical drama which opens, as tradition has it, on the third weekend of May each year in Lakeport, a ...

WASHINGTON – The chairman of the U.S. bishops’ Committee on International Justice and Peace said he welcomed the possible release of a Senate intelligence committee report that says the CIA used torture techniques in interrogating some terror suspects after 9/11.

ATLANTA – Atlanta Archbishop Wilton D. Gregory announced April 5 that he will vacate the archbishop’s residence in early May and move into another available archdiocesan property.

NEW ORLEANS – It was the seminal event of Western Christianity over the past 500 years.

VATICAN CITY – When Jesus forgave the adulteress, he was not questioning the sanctity of marriage; rather, he helped her recognize her sin and commanded she go in peace and sin no more, Pope Francis said.

VATICAN CITY – Pope Francis told a group of young people to be honest with themselves and others and figure out what they hold dear: money and pride or the desire to do good.

Angela Pollock is staying true to her word. The director of young adult and campus ministry for the Archdiocese of San Francisco is listening. Pollock made the promise when she accepted the director position last October.
VATICAN CITY – Christianity isn’t a philosophy or guide to survival, good behavior and peace, it’s a relationship with a real person who died on the cross for our sins, Pope Francis said.
One of the many reasons to follow the Lenten station church pilgrimage through Rome is that, along that unique itinerary of sanctity, one discovers otherwise-hidden jewels of church architecture and design, created in honor of the early Roman martyrs. Perhaps the most ...

NEW YORK – Moviegoers of a certain age will remember the movement to boycott grapes – an effort to draw attention to the plight of agricultural workers, and exert economic pressure on their employers, that lasted throughout the latter half of the 1960s.


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