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Serra exhibition evokes era when missionaries were ‘superheroes’
Apr. 24, 2013, By Rick DelVecchio
A new exhibition on Father Junipero Serra takes a comprehensive look at the founder of the California missions and the experiences of the more than 60,000 Indians who were baptized and ultimately buried at colonial Spain’s 21 Pacific Coast evangelizing settlements.

Speakers examine troubles over collision of art, religious imagery
May. 8, 2012, By Beth Griffin
NEW YORK (CNS) – The relationship between art and the sacred is an unsolved problem of culture that exposes contradictions among society’s less-than-consistent moral, religious and political ideologies, according to speakers at an April 25 forum at Jesuit-run ...

Exhibit features Rembrandt paintings that changes how world saw Christ
Sep. 6, 2011, By Lou Baldwin
PHILADELPHIA (CNS) -- Matthew, Mark, Luke and John told us all about what Jesus said and did, but not one of them mentioned what he looked like. The vaguely European-featured Jesus with a brown beard and hair was pretty much the standard for most of history, at least until ...

Museum exhibit displays artwork from New Spain missions, 1600-1821
Feb. 23, 2011, By Michele Jurich, The Catholic Voice
Artwork from missions in California, the southwestern U.S. and Mexico have been moved from their intended settings in places of worship to the Oakland Museum of California for the Feb. 26 opening of the exhibition “Splendors of Faith/Scars of Conquest: Art of the Missions ...

Exhibit of church and school drawings
Apr. 19, 2010
Coming soon to the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology's Blackfriar's Gallery in Berkeley: "Open Space Inside-Out: the Architectural Drawings of Arnold S. Constable", featuring pen and ink wash drawings of numerous Bay Area schools and churches, including St. ...

Spanish religious art exhibit portrays Christ, Mary, saints in detail
Mar. 10, 2010, By Carol Zimmermann
The National Gallery of Art in Washington is the venue for “The Sacred Made Real” – a unique exhibit of 22 sculptures and paintings from 17th century Spain, which portray Jesus, Mary and saints with intensely precise detail.

New York museum’s focus is biblical art in Jewish, Christian faiths
Sep. 23, 2009, By Julie Asher
Among Ena Heller’s favorite moments at New York’s Museum of Biblical Art is when visitors look at the treasures in its galleries and say, “That’s not what I expected!”

Interactive display at Library of Congress makes Bible come alive
Sep. 23, 2009, By Chaz Muth
Separation of church and state is enshrined in the U.S. Constitution but that doesn’t mean the Bible can’t be admired and appreciated by a public or government institution.

Catholic visual art
Sep. 14, 2009
Detail from "The Wedding Feast at Cana," a bronze by Maj. Joseph Edward Parker Jr., installed at St. Mary's Cathedral.  See more examples of Catholic visual art.

Installation of mosaic under way in dome of national shrine
Jan. 9, 2009, By Kaitlynn Riely, Catholic News Service
The mosaic was shipped via Federal Express from Italy to the United States. The 346 boxes arrived May 29, and the next day mosaic installers from Rugo Stone began installing the mosaic.

Church art in indigenous Guatemala
Dec. 5, 2008, By Rick DelVecchio
A detail from an icon in the Santiago, Guatemala, Catholic church. The icon is one of many sacred figures blending Catholic and Mayan spirituality. They are maintained by fraternities that meld Christian and indigenous symbols.


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