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Legalization of marijuana likely to escalate poverty problem
Nov. 1, 2016, By Bishop William J. Justice
While some may think that the impacts of the marijuana legalization are fairly benign, the evidence to the contrary is well documented and compelling. Obvious effects include an increase in impaired driving, a rise in use among youth, and the negative effect marijuana has on ...

Viva Nuestra de Señora de Guadalupe!
Dec. 10, 2014, By Bishop William J. Justice
There is the famous line at the beginning of the Charles Dickens book “A Tale of Two Cities”: “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times ….” Though Dickens was referring to London and Paris at the time of the French Revolution, it ...

Men called to hear Jesus’ words of hope and mercy
Nov. 5, 2014, By Bishop William J. Justice
Scripture scholars tell us that the first part of St. Mark’s Gospel is an attempt to answer the question, “Who is this person?”; “Who is this Jesus of Nazareth?” It is a question that Jesus proposes to his disciples in the Gospels.

Journeying to find a new spring
Mar. 23, 2011, By Bishop William J. Justice
What is in a name? Just look into the face of a young person who says, “Hi! Remember me? Remember my name? You confirmed me last year!” Of the hundreds of persons I am confirming, it’s not easy for me to remember each individual by name — as much as ...

Mother Teresa: ‘We shall then once again touch the beauty before us’
Sep. 1, 2010, By Bishop William J. Justice
Auxiliary Bishop William J. Justice delivered the following homily Aug. 26 at St. Paul Church in San Francisco on the 100th anniversary of Mother Teresa’s birth.

A time for healing
May. 26, 2010, By Bishop William J. Justice
Recently, Catholic Charities/CYO, the social services agency of the Archdiocese, presented its Loaves and Fishes Award. This award recognizes a person or agency that has helped fellow human beings to go beyond the ordinary, to reach out and care for others in a way that brings a ...

St. Patrick Seminary honors Auxiliary Bishop William Justice with ‘Four Pillars’ award
Sep. 16, 2009, By Laura Bertone
St Patrick’s Seminary and University honors one of its own graduates, San Francisco Auxiliary Bishop William Justice, with the “Four Pillars” award at a gala tonight, Sept. 18, at St Mary’s Cathedral Event Center. The Four Pillars award recognizes ...

Guest Commentary: The love of husband and wife
Sep. 2, 2009, By Bishop William J. Justice
If I would ask you where do you meet God? Where do you deeply sense his presence? I am sure I’d hear many unique answers. Some may say, “I meet God when I walk the beach along the Great Highway or at Stinson Beach. The power of the waves and the salt air give me a ...

Homily: through curiosity we can know God's will
Jan. 27, 2009, By Auxiliary Bishop William J. Justice
Once curiosity brings us to Jesus, the best thing to do is to listen. Listen with all our being to the presence of Jesus.

Bishop William Justice timeline
Dec. 17, 2008, By Catholic San Francisco
St. Gregory Elementary 1956, Serra High 1960, ordained 1968.

A message from the bishop-elect: “How good the good God is to allow us to work together'
Dec. 17, 2008, By Auxiliary Bishop William J. Justice
When Archbishop Pietro Sambi, the representative of the Holy Father in the United States, called me on April 2 of this year, his first words were,

Bishop Justice ordained
Dec. 17, 2008, By Catholic San Francisco
Nearly two dozen bishops, more than 300 priests and deacons and a standing-room-only cathedral of worshippers attended and celebrated the May 28, 2008, episcopal ordination.


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