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St. Timothy School received a $2,000 grant from Wells Fargo Bank’s Step Up to the Plate for Education campaign. Brandon Crawford and Jim Foley, presented the check to principal Michelle Basile and students, Christopher Schrum & Ariana Totanes

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ICA grad’s first draft on future
March 1st, 2016
By Tom Burke

Madesyn Boger’s “The Chilkat Blanket” is 26 pages long, a very sweet career beginning for the writer/children’s advocate. Madesyn is a 2012 graduate of Immaculate Conception Academy and in May graduates from Iowa State University with a degree in child, adult, and family services. “I’m very excited because I was able to graduate in three years and that has been my goal this whole time,” Madesyn told me via email. “I want to be a child life specialist so after I graduate I will be doing an internship at a hospital in the child life program to get my 480 clinical hours.”

Madesyn’s family on her mom’s side share the Native American Tlingit Culture and she wrote the book much to recall that heritage as well as her call to serve children. Tlingit tribes have passed on many customs and one of the most famous is the Chilkat Blanket, colorful and used to tell the story of a family.

Madesyn has worked with children since age 14 as nanny, volunteer at Stanford Children’s Hospital, camp counselor at UCSF and working in child care. Madesyn said the experience was a direct path to deciding her professional future.

“All of these experiences have made me realize that there is no greater joy than working with children,” Madesyn said. “Children have taught me so much like how to be forgiving, kind, generous, thoughtful, and to love every second of the day.”

A youngster leads the cast of characters in the book. “I chose for the character to be a young child because I want children to know that they are capable of anything as long as they stay determined,” Madesyn said. She has no other writing projects underway but hopes in time “to create a series out of this first book.” Madesyn’s folks are Deayn and Rockne Boger.

“The Chilkat Blanket” is available on Amazon, online Barnes & Noble, and Folio Books in Noe Valley. Half of all proceeds from book sales will benefit Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation to assist in the cure of childhood cancer.

Students at St. Thomas the Apostle School had armed service veterans at the top of their lists over Valentine’s Day. “Cheer and Chocolates” sent more than 400 chocolate bars and greetings to patients at the San Francisco VA Hospital and similar facilities in Santa Rosa and Marin. “The idea was to provide a treat for the veterans in our neighborhood at the VA hospital for Valentine’s Day,” Barbara Anderson the school’s religion coordinator told me noting that donations from school families allowed the school to extend the good work to the other locations.

Stephen Connelly, parent of a second grader Sebastien, works at the VA hospital and started the ball rolling as outreach to the hospitals was a first-time event for the school. The cards are made by the students who already and for many years have sent greetings six times a year to the residents of St. Anne’s Home. “We are proud of the response we had to this special event at the beginning of Lent, as our school demonstrated actively living out the message of the Year of Mercy,” Barbara said.

Thanks to St. Cecilia Parish for keeping up the good news on its Vicente and 17th Avenue marquee: “If you’re not feeling as close to God as you usually do, who moved?”

Don’t want to say we need a little catching up out there, but I just heard about a program for a wedding where was listed as one of the gift bearers.

Email items and electronic pictures – jpegs at no less than 300 dpi to or mail to Street, One Peter Yorke Way, San Francisco 94109. Include a follow-up phone number. Street is toll-free. My phone number is (415) 614-5634.

From March 3, 2016 issue of Catholic San Francisco.


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