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More than 100 Immaculate Conception Academy alumnae gathered April 16 for the school’s annual all-invited reunion at South San Francisco’s Basque Cultural Center. Special attention went to ICA alums from 1946 attendees.

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Outreach of highest order at St. Dominic’s July 16
July 12th, 2016
By Tom Burke

St. Dominic Parish invites Catholics to join them in hitting the streets to share Christ’s light July 16. Heading up the face-to-face evangelization effort is parishioner and 10-year lay missionary Tricia Bolle.

The all-day event seeks to “give other Catholic Christians a stronger understanding of what it means to evangelize, our own baptismal call to participate in Christ’s work of evangelization, and how we can evangelize by being a strong witness of our faith through radiating the joy of Christ alive within us through encounter with people in our everyday lives,” Tricia told me in an email. The day includes a talk on evangelization, some on-the-street evangelizing and a time to look back on the day.

“Any Christian who desires to learn more about what the church teaches about evangelization and how to begin to more effectively share their faith,” is a candidate for taking part Tricia said. Participants should be over 18 and mobile on foot or by wheelchair for the on-the-job element which will include outreach to people across several blocks around St. Dominic’s.

This is the parish’s fourth evangelizing outing but only the second where others have been invited to take part. And don’t worry about being too shy for the experience:

“God loves shy people,” Tricia said. “Even the shyest person can be an incredible evangelist in the hands of the Holy Spirit!”

What can people expect from the experience? “To learn a lot about their faith, their relationship with Christ, God’s ability to work through them to touch others, trusting God and letting go of the things that prevent God from working more efficaciously through us, and that every person on the street has a story,” Tricia said.

The day is sponsored by the St. Francis Lay Missionary Society. Tricia is the group’s current president and has traveled to Asia to further their work. She said God called her “with great clarity” on her first visit to China in 2004 while still a graduate student at Stanford.

“As both a missionary and evangelist, what I seek to do most through my work is help people realize within themselves how they have been beautifully and uniquely called by Christ to go out into the world to transform the people and society around them with the love of God,” Tricia said. “I want more Catholics to see the opportunities that exist all around them every day to share their faith with another and to strive to become the saints that we are all called to be.”

People are invited to come individually or as teams of three to five. The day includes a presentation on how-to-evangelize followed by practicing evangelization in and around the parish compound interacting with others on the street and in local establishments. A late afternoon looking back on the experience is followed by vespers at 5 p.m. Contact Tricia at

WELCOME: The Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur welcomed Sister Nancy Jo Uhl in final vow ceremonies in Southern California in February. Also in attendance were Sister Nancy’s family including her adult daughter, Sarah. After losing her husband to illness, Sister Nancy continued on as a single mother, working with the homeless in downtown Los Angeles and volunteering at her parish gradually realizing a strong pull toward religious life. With her daughter’s encouragement, she became a member of the SND community. “This is where I am meant to be,” said Sister Nancy. “I look forward to my continuing journey as a Sister of Notre Dame de Namur.”

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From July 14, 2016 issue of Catholic San Francisco.


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