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Thanks to Bea Sullivan!
July 26th, 2016

 THANK YOU!  Bea Sullivan has been at the side of thousands during almost 70 years as nurse and then volunteer at St. Mary’s Medical Center in San Francisco. Bea graduated from the hospital’s St. Mary’s College of Nursing in 1948 and served as a nurse at St. Mary’s Medical Center until 1992. “Bea retired on a Friday and returned to St. Mary’s the following Monday as a volunteer,” St. Mary’s said in a note to this column. “By the time she retired as a volunteer Jan. 6, 2016, Bea had dedicated 10,653 volunteer hours and 68 years of loyal service to St. Mary’s.” Bea is a longtime member of St. Gabriel Parish in San Francisco.



HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Capuchin Father Michael Mahoney and his niece Riona Lynch enjoyed time together at celebration of Father Michael’s 70th birthday May 13 at Our Lady of Angels Parish, Burlingame where he is pastor. Riona flew in from Ireland unannounced to surprise her uncle on the special occasion.



HED: A first graduate of St. Timothy School looks back, ahead


The first graduating class of St. Timothy School, San Mateo, 1966, met for a 50th reunion July 8-10. Alumna Deborah Rutkowski-Hines spoke with me via email. “We have already begun planning for our reunion next year which will take place in Portland,” Deborah said. “We were busy doing things together all weekend long. We had a blast as usual!”

Deborah, who now lives in St. Junipero Serra Parish in Lancaster, said right away that the class staying in touch has been “a group effort.” At St. Tim's, Deborah was “given the precious gift of true friendship,’ she said, noting the classmates were like siblings. “We were in the same class every year, so we had to learn to live with each other and get along. When you also consider that all of our parents were friends, because they went to the same church, we were part of something that was central to our community.”

The era was a time of crowded Catholic schools and classes of 40-50 students. A dozen of St. Tim’s first graduates were able to attend the July reunion. “At this point, all of us know each other’s life stories and each other's tragedies,” Deborah said. “Our reunions are a time of renewing our friendship, so we remember throughout the year that we have true friends who will helps us through anything that we go through. Of course one of the biggest highlights is when we have someone new show up, which happens every year.”

While Deborah’s time at St. Tim’s helped her as a Catholic, it hasn’t all been smooth spirituality sailing. Ascribing herself a “survivor of St. Tim’s,” she noted that others of her class feel the same way. “I believe that all people must go through a crisis of faith of some sort to really accept God in their heart,” Deborah said. “All of us have engaged in group talks about religion and faith and questioning God. I maintain that even though there were some rough times while we were growing up, all of us were eventually led to have a strong sense of faith. That happened because we went to St. Timothy's.”



RETIRING: Mercy High School, San Francisco says goodbye to John Stering “after a long and successful teaching career,” the school said. John came to Mercy in 1985.  “Over the years, many students were lucky to have had John as a teacher. Because he taught all levels of Spanish as well as the AP classes and Native Speaker classes, many alumnae will fondly remember his classes, his wonderful sense of humor and of course a demanding curriculum,” Mercy said. John looks forward to being retired and able to spend more time with his family, especially his eight grandchildren.



THAT’S LIFE: Signs I am seeing in construction zones and neighborhoods trying to curb speeding capture it well methinks: “BUMP AHEAD”


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