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The victorious seminarians brandish their Clericus Classic trophy Oct. 21.

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Seminarians trounce priests in first Clericus Classic
November 1st, 2016
By Father David Schunk

On the evening of Oct. 21, the Office of Vocations of the Archdiocese of San Francisco held the first Clericus Classic basketball game at Archbishop Riordan High School.

The contest pitted a group of 17 priests and one permanent deacon against a very formidable opponent, a group of eight seminarians from St. Patrick’s Seminary & University in Menlo Park. The first minutes were slow as the teams looked to find their shot. The seminarians, wearing black, were the first team to lock into a rhythm and once they did, the men in black never looked back. The priests, wearing white, made a noble effort to keep pace. Father Larry Goode, pastor of St. Francis of Assisi in East Palo Alto, was the secret weapon for the priests, burying several baskets.

Unfortunately, this priest ordained for 52 years could not carry the entire team. The crowd of almost 300 enthusiastic fans definitely favored the priests and supported the team throughout the entire game. In the end, it was the seminarians who were victorious over the priests, 63-44, and who raised the trophy in their moment of triumph.

The good news for the priests is that two of these players will be on their team next year after their ordination to the priesthood.

From November 3, 2016 issue of Catholic San Francisco.


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