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Catholic Charities Star Community Home assists families citywide who but for this assistance would become homeless.

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Catholic Charities Advent stories: Believe in self-sufficiency
December 13th, 2016

This is the third of three Advent stories focusing on clients and volunteers served by Catholic Charities in the Archdiocese of San Francisco.

“It takes so long to get an approval for housing, because they want this and they want that, and when you don’t have an address to provide, it makes it look even worse,” said former Catholic Charities client Juliette. “Well, I’ve been homeless, so how can I provide you with an address when I don’t have one?”

Juliette and her son came to Catholic Charities Star community in July after months of staying on friends’ couches and moving in and out of different shelters. She was about to give up hope of ever finding permanent housing when she received a call from Catholic Charities telling her there was room for her at Star.

“As soon as we got to Star, I felt safe,” Juliette said. “There was this warmth and you could tell that they care. The staff actually cares about the residents.”

In just three short months, with the help of her Catholic Charities case manager, Juliette found a job, secured day care for her son and moved into an apartment she and her son can call home.

“It’s so important to donate for these causes like Catholic Charities, because even a small contribution can be that little bit that can make such a difference to a family who’s in need,” she said. “At Star, you’re able to close your door, and you sleep at night knowing that you’re okay. It’s a pretty amazing feeling knowing that you and your child are safe.”

“We believe that if we provide homeless single mothers and their children with 24-hour shelter, food and intensive case management services, then they will break the cycle of homelessness by improving their income, finding stable housing and increasing self-sufficiency,” said Jeff Bialik, Catholic Charities executive director. “Thank you to everyone in the archdiocese whose gifts to time, talent and treasure have made our work possible.”

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From December 15, 2016 issue of Catholic San Francisco.

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