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Father Ghislain Bazikila

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St. Benedict Parish adds programs for deaf
March 7th, 2017
By Catholic San Francisco

St. Benedict Parish for the Deaf at St. Francis Xavier Church in San Francisco, which primarily serves Marin, San Francisco and San Mateo counties with outreach to the ecclesiastical province of San Francisco, announced that four programs have been added for deaf parishioners who attend Sunday Mass. The programs are led in American Sign Language, and one of them has an interpreter for hearing parishioners’ access.

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament
Every first Sunday after Mass from 12:30-1 p.m. After the Sunday ASL Mass, the parish hosts social time, followed by adoration. “Everyone who is at the parish, everyone who is interested in adoring the eucharistic Lord, and everyone who would like to practice the attitude and growth in the adoration of the Eucharist is welcome,” said Father Ghislain Bazikila, who is in residence at the parish and directs new programs. Adoration begins with an entrance song both signed and voiced, following by a short reflection or presentation and then silent adoration.

“During the shortened eucharistic adoration service, we pray especially for all our living and deceased deaf parishioners and of the all the places or communities that we have met, for our sponsor members, for the disabled people in our archdiocese, and for other needs or persons,” Father Bazikila said.

Reconciliation and confession theater
Planned for the fourth Saturday or Sunday after Mass from 12:30-1 p.m. The purpose of the theatrical reconciliation is to assist deaf and hearing faithful who experience struggles or difficulties with the sacrament of reconciliation. Reconciliation theater will consist in choosing a picture of a saint (Jesus, Mary, Joseph, St. Vincent de Paul, St. Mother Teresa, St. Dominic and others), individually dialoging with the picture in examining your personal spiritual life or sins, and then requesting answers for your questions to help you prepare for the sacrament of the reconciliation at any parish you would like, Father Bazikila explained.

“It is our hope that this program can help many to rehearse the sacramental guide and prayers, to get skills in examining their sins, to find a quiet moment of holy thinking and discover the great values of penance and of strengthening our attitudes or virtues of ascetic in today‘s world,” Father Bazikila said. “The saints who themselves loved confessing will teach you a lot and will lead you to learn much. Every moment with God, every moment with the sacrament is precious in heaven for our souls.” He said deaf people will be able to confess easily in their natural sign language and also practice the act of the contrition and other usually assigned prayers of penance. He said reconciliation theater program can also benefit children with autism. “We believe in the goodness and power of a holy image,” Father Bazikila said.

Bible study
Every second Sunday.

The Catholic Saint Movie
On every third Sunday after Mass from 12:30 p.m.

Contact Father Ghislain Bazikila, St. Benedict Parish for the deaf, 1801 Octavia St., San Francisco 94109.

From March 9, 2017 issue of Catholic San Francisco.


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