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2010 Respect: Life essay contest grand prize winners
July 14th, 2010

Here are excerpts from the grand prize winning essays:

Babies Deserve Our Love

Caitlin Fitzgerald, St. Monica (Grades1-2)

Babies deserve all our love and care because God made babies and people in his own image and gave us all a soul.

God created all the animals and plants on Earth. He made them all very beautiful but He did not give any of the animals or the plants a soul. Having a soul is what makes babies and all people very special to God.

God loves us more than animals and He taught us to love each other. Babies make us feel happy and keep us company. They remind us of God’s gift of life.

Respect Life

Jnelle Aganan, Holy Angels (Grades 3-4)

Dear newborn infants of the universe,

Hello and welcome to the world! When your parents read this letter to you, and as you open your eyes to the world, you will realize that everything around you is so beautifully made. These are all the wonderful creations of God.

God created these things to have wonderful life on Earth. You have to treat everything and everyone well to make God stay happy and proud. Make life in this world be as pretty as can be for your babies so they can pass this to their own babies, too.

“This is my letter that I wrote to all the babies before they open their eyes. I want to learn about God, His creations, and how to respect life. Once they understand all this, they’ll believe that God is good.” – A Fourth Grader

Respect for Life Essay

Meagan Abbey, St. Isabella (Grades 7-8)

The population control policies of China’s “one-child policy,” disrespects life and dignity of God’s creation. The killing of unborn children is against what God has asked us to do to fulfill his kingdom. This policy disrespects the most basic right any human being should have. it takes away the control of our faith and the morals for which we stand. God has asked us to love and care for one another. We have no right to kill unborn children if we wish to enter the kingdom of God. If God has allowed a child to be created, then that child should be given a full chance to live a life with dignity, as God has planned for that child.

If the human race is to achieve peace, we must respect and protect life. This would prevent a crisis between the people of faith looking forward to protecting the ways of God’s teachings and the policy makers that are motivated due to financial reasons. The “one-child policy” has unfortunately changed many people’s lives and not for the better. Children are a gift from God and it is the parents not the government who cares for them, Therefore the choices should be theirs and not government controlled. God has entrusted his creation to us and to go against his commandments is wrong.

Life and Creation: Learning to Balance Two Sacred Things

Katie Modesitt, Notre Dame High School (Grades 9-12)

Environmentalists often look to population growth as one of the key factors affecting the environmental problems we face today Many times the use of birth control and, more notably, abortion are seen as viable solutions to controlling the growth of our population and therefore alleviating strains put on our resources. Plainly put, this notion might seem logical but in reality it is ethically corrupt and actually goes against the environmentalists’ concern for a healthier environment. Abortion cannot be seen as a solution to population control because it degrades human dignity and destroys creation rather than preserving it.

It stops a beating heart; and for this reason it cannot be seen as a solution to any problem, no matter how dire. Because God created each one of us, we all have inherent dignity. Each unborn child has a unique set of DNA and a unique destiny No one can replace the value of a life. It is precious and sacred and deserves our protection. Each person has dignity, including the unborn.

Also, the destruction of human life is counterproductive to the preservation of our environment Why would we destroy part of creation in order to preserve another? After all, you are destroying as much as you protect. Environmentalists often overlook the fact that humans too are part of creation. God created us in His image to preside over and care for the rest of creation. Granted, man has not always followed through with this but one cannot deny that every person holds a vital role in the rest of the natural world. When did it become acceptable to kill human life in order to preserve the environment? It is simply not logical to seek to destroy the fulcrum of creation in order the save it.

From July 16, 2010 issue of Catholic San Francisco.



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