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Jesus did not turn his back at the Last Supper
July 26th, 2016
By Sue Hayes

 Jesus did not turn his back at the Last Supper


In response to the letter writer who is so happy that Cardinal Sarah calls for priests to face away from the people because "he is leading us to offer God the holy sacrifice of the body and blood of our Lord on our behalf" I can only say that the writer should have held her joy in check for a few days. Pope Francis clearly stated, when he visited the offices of the Congregation for Divine Worship July 9, “that the 'ordinary' form of the celebration of Mass is that foreseen by the missal promulgated by Paul VI," and that the extraordinary form permitted by retired Pope Benedict XVI "should not take the place of that 'ordinary' form." We are celebrating as the people of God, with the priest as presider, eucharistic liturgy. Jesus died, once and for all, was raised and made source of Spirit, breathed into everyone and everything on the planet. We are not recreating the cross. It's done and we rejoice. The priest as presider leads us in celebrating that reality. Can you imagine Jesus turning his back on his Apostles at the Last Supper? I think not. The beloved disciple leaned on his chest. We are being obedient to Christ when we celebrate as community, eat and drink as brothers and sisters at the table of the Lord, and serve as Jesus served. To quote the author of the letter, "Surely we will receive blessings from God for this."


Sue Hayes

San Francisco


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