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A call to lift arms – in prayer
August 22nd, 2016
By Sister Jean Evans, RSM

In the face of ever-increasing violent attacks all over the globe and the turmoil, confusion and rancor that characterize our national election process at this time, I think we’re called to lift our arms in prayer.

“Violence,” writes Jacques Ellul “imprisons its practitioners in a circle that cannot be broken by human beings.” And as we know, once violence starts, the cycle of revenge begins. Only by prayer can this cycle of evil be brought to an end. “For it is not against human enemies that we have to struggle” (Ephesians 6:12).

Truly, the times call us to place ourselves spiritually as a bulwark against the chaos that is now visited upon the Earth. Invoking the power of the Lord’s resurrection, we pray that God dispel wickedness, drive out hatred and, bring down the powerful. May the Spirit of the risen Christ foster concord, restore lost innocence, and grant joy to mourners. United in a common purpose, we can witness to solidarity by humble, sustained prayer for all who are suffering here and abroad.

A month ago, we agreed here in our Burlingame community to come together voluntarily on Wednesday evenings in chapel to pray for our world, our country and its elections. Please join us in prayer – families, religious communities, and parishes – for these intentions:

– To pray that our political leaders and ordinary citizens recover a sense of the common good.

– To pray for victims of violence and their families

– To ask the power of God to facilitate the conversion of those planning and committing acts of violence

– To offer our prayer and our lives to hold back the chaos afflicting our human family

– To pray in reparation for violations of human dignity due to human trafficking and racism

Our Father …

Let us pray:

Jesus, through the power of your death and resurrection touch the hearts and minds

of all persons planning violent acts on individuals and communities. Free them and

guide them into ways of peace. This we ask in your name and in the power of the Spirit

to the glory of God. Amen. Mary, Queen of Peace, pray for us.

Mercy Sister Jean Evans is a member of the Mercy Sisters West Midwest Community in Burlingame.

From August 25, 2016 issue of Catholic San Francisco.


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