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A nation nurtured, enriched by immigrants
Apr. 11, 2017, By Zella Kotala
On the hot issue of immigration, these are my thoughts and feelings: Immigrants come from India, Mexico, Malaysia, Indochina, Guatemala, Rwanda, Asia, Africa, Australia, Nicaragua, Tanzania and South America, and they nurture and enrich their adopted country, the USA.  

Seminary questions
Apr. 4, 2017, By Stuart MacKenzie
The selection of Jesuit Father George Schultze as the new president /rector of St. Patrick’s Seminary & University is a good choice (“Jesuit Father George Schultze to lead seminary at ‘major turning point,’” Feb. 23, 2017, Page 1).

A million marched
Apr. 4, 2017, By Patricia A. Hageman
On Jan. 21, Presentation sisters and associates, along with a million men and women across the world, marched against Trump’s positions. He is now under investigation for meddling in the U.S. election and may be impeached.   

March questionable
Apr. 4, 2017, By Mary Murphy
I applaud Jerry Heckert’s letter in which he pointed out that the Presentation Sisters participated in the Women’s March Jan. 21 despite the fact that pro-life groups were not invited to participate in view of their pro-life stand.   

Miracles at Medjugorje
Apr. 4, 2017, By Gerald Studier
I, too, am leery of miracle-hawkers, as well as I should be. However, I know two priests who actually witnessed the “miracle” and I have no reason to disbelieve them. The miracle: Thousands of the faithful in a park in Medjugorje, and the two priests, separately, ...

False apparitions
Mar. 20, 2017, By Laurette Elsberry
Thank you for publishing Bishop Ratko Peric’s statements in the March 9 Catholic San Francisco. As Bishop of the Mostar-Duvno diocese in Bosnia Herzegovina, Bishop Peric has been attacked verbally and physically by those who have been taken in by the Medjugorje hoax, and ...

Shocking photo
Mar. 20, 2017, By Jerry Heckert
What a shock, and what a disappointment, to see a photo in Catholic San Francisco of the Presentation Sisters marching in the Women’s March in San Francisco on Jan. 21. This march’s primary attention was to campaign for continued funding by the government of free ...

Authoritarian but not authoritative?
Mar. 6, 2017, By Alex M. Saunders
Reading the opinion article on the church’s resolution of bioethical questions, by Father Tadeusz Pacholczyk (Feb. 23), one must ask, “What is wrong with this message?” One answer is “Everything historical in the article is true, but needs further ...

Abortion’s toll
Mar. 6, 2017, By Roy Domenico Petri
The pulpits of Catholic churches have maintained a perpetual forbearance of preaching against the evil of abortion. 

Letters disheartening
Mar. 6, 2017, By Charles Leyes
I just read the letters to editor section (Feb. 23). It’s not happy reading. Although there are letters expressing opposite points of view, the bottom line is depressing. You know I’m in the liberal-progressive camp, but it’s all quite disheartening, no matter ...

Take a deep breath and pray
Feb. 20, 2017, By Mary Bordi
While reading the online letters column from the Feb. 6 issue, I thought for a minute that my connection had accidentally switched me to Facebook! The two letters excoriating CSF for publishing “all the pro-Trump articles” in the Jan. 26 edition are similar to the ...

Trump is standing against culture of death
Feb. 20, 2017, By Catherine Conway
He stated “the church is willing to put up with anything that Trump was willing to throw at the nation as long as he was firmly against abortion.”   

Writer’s opinion widely shared
Feb. 20, 2017, By Claire Rovegno
To Richard Morasci of San Francisco, bravo on your wonderfully written letter for the opinion page. 

Praising Trump and disruptive change
Feb. 20, 2017, By Tom C. Johnson
Unfortunately, Clara McKennett (Letters, Feb. 9) won’t see this incredible source of religious inspiration anymore because she un-subscribed possibly over the president’s decision not to send federal funds anymore to foreign countries for abortions, or was it ...

The Catholic vote and Trump
Feb. 20, 2017, By Peter Mandell
Well, that’s what happens when so many anti-choice, pro-birth, single-issue Catholics vote for a reality show hack and hate-mongering, racist authoritarian.

Article omitted significant facts
Feb. 20, 2017, By Jim Dempsey
There are three significant facts omitted from the article:  

Church should step in on President Trump
Feb. 6, 2017, By Richard Morasci
I read your article, “Trump presidency receives words of hope, prayers for civility,” (Jan. 26) and I thought, “Isn’t it too late?” During his campaign, Trump made it very clear to anyone who was willing to listen how he treated people and what his ...

Murder in the Tenderloin
Feb. 6, 2017, By Charles Leyes
Just read in the Chronicle about our archbishop conducting a prayer service at a bus stop where a 61-year-old old man was beaten to death by thugs. I applaud and am heartened by this kind of activity and would like to see more of this.

Disappointed in pro-Trump articles
Feb. 6, 2017, By Clara McKennett
I’m sincerely disappointed to see all of the pro-Trump articles in this week’s issue. I think this is not in keeping with our Catholic Christian values nor is it in keeping with the teachings from our pope. 

Surviving communism as a Catholic in Cuba
Jan. 23, 2017, By Oscar Ramirez
As a Cuban Catholic, I was surprised not to read in Father Kenneth Weare’s article on the relations between the Catholic Church and the Cuban dictatorship (Dec. 15, 2016) about the ship “Covadonga,” where hundreds of “problematic” priests, nuns, ...

Abstinence and spirituality
Jan. 10, 2017, By Mary Pecci
Re Elizabeth Travers’ comments in “Focus on charity, not sexuality,” (Letters, Dec. 15), I find that her perspective is quite common in the church. This begs the question: “Is this perspective really a practical approach to spirituality?” It’s ...

The church in Cuba today
Jan. 10, 2017, By Gerald Studier
It appears in this article that Fidel Castro and his now ruling brother were Catholic. If they were, did they attend church regularly and was Fidel’s death observed in a Cuban Catholic church? 

Castro and Catholicism
Jan. 10, 2017, By Jean Balibrera
Father Kenneth Weare’s essay was very good. I was glad the true state of the church in Cuba was confirmed. Indeed, Fidel Castro did not prevent religious freedom. He was Jesuit schooled and many of his ideals were from his education.  

Cassock considerations, continued
Dec. 13, 2016, By Father William E. Brown
My friend Denis Nolan (“Cassock considerations,” Dec. 8) expressed his distress about young seminarians and priests wearing the black cassock, seeing it as a sign of royalty that distances the priest from the people. 

Poetic license questionable
Dec. 13, 2016, By John Collins
Poetic license indeed! With her poem “Thoughts on November 8,” (Dec. 8), Carolyn Daniel errs in three respects: 

Defying the culture of death
Dec. 13, 2016, By Laurette Elsberry
The Dec. 1 front-page article on the “post-election animus” certainly shows the U.S. bishops in a poor light. It appears that they are all in an uproar now that the socialists’ gravy train may be slowed and the taxpayers (workers) may have some relief from the ...

Focus on charity, not sexuality
Dec. 13, 2016, By Elizabeth Travers
I found it hypocritical for the U.S. bishops to say “keep calm and follow Jesus” after the election. The message from the U.S. church before the election was to be negative toward the Democratic candidates because they were for the continuing of the Roe v. Wade ...

Catholics and the election
Dec. 5, 2016, By John Kovacevich
I’m going to be charitable and chalk it up to clumsy phrasing, but in the article “US bishops address post-election animus” (Dec. 1) the author wrote that Trump said “some things that proved hurtful and worrisome to groups of Latino and black Catholics, ...

Cassock considerations
Dec. 5, 2016, By Denis Nolan
Recently I have met several seminarians, and I must admit that I felt awkward in their presence because they were wearing cassocks. When I was a child three quarters of a century ago, many priests wore cassocks to show that they were the church royalty.

Thoughts on Nov. 8
Dec. 5, 2016, By Carolyn M. Daniel
On 9/11  Outsiders wounded U.S. We remained U.S.

A perfect Mass
Nov. 28, 2016, By Mary Pecci
It was brought to our attention during a prayer meeting this week that Catholics are exiting the church this year in the largest numbers ever, many of whom consider the Mass totally boring, irrelevant, and uninspiring.  

Marijuana criminalization unjust
Nov. 1, 2016
I just finished reading the article by Archbishop Cordileone on his views for why we as voters should vote against Proposition 64, and I am frankly stunned and saddened by such a cold and unfeeling article.   

Hostility, or infighting?
Nov. 1, 2016, By Richard Morasci
That Catholics on the left criticize Catholics on the right, and vice versa, is not anything new. That it should be revealed in the leaked emails of the Clinton campaign shouldn’t be surprising to anyone. This is not anti-Catholic. It is infighting within the Catholic ...

Marriage decline is economic
Oct. 17, 2016, By Mary Margaret Flynn
I certainly can’t speak globally, although with 25 millions of refugees fleeing wars that is not conducive to marriage. Nor is abject poverty, e.g. Haiti. But the main reason here in the U.S. is income inequality. 

Where is the electoral passion against abortion?
Oct. 17, 2016, By Gerald Studier
Here again we face another presidential election. I see where you explain the church position on the death penalty and exhorting how parishioners should vote.  

Abortion is the ultimate insult
Oct. 17, 2016, By Laurette Elsberry
Actor Mike Farrell in his Catholic San Francisco Oct. 6 interview states that the death penalty is the “ultimate insult to human dignity.” There has been no one executed in California since 2006.

Scripture research and spiritual growth
Sep. 19, 2016, By Alex M. Saunders, MD
How marvelous to read in CSF (Mary Pecci, Letters, Sept. 12), that one is not alone doing research on the Scriptures on any weekend! That is, to go beyond homilies that rarely explain; to learn what we need for our own inspiration. 

Celebrating St. Gabriel Parish
Sep. 19, 2016, By Albert Alioto
No one could have done a better job than Roger Gargano did in telling St. Gabriel’s story (“St. Gabriel Parish celebrates 75th anniversary,” Sept. 12).  

Peace and justice in the Philippines
Sep. 12, 2016, By Rose M. Jardin
I disagree with what Father Virgilio Canete saying that the “church cannot do anything” with regard to the alleged revenge killings in the Philippines. Remember, Father Canete, the EDSA Revolution that ended the 20-year martial law regime of the late president ...

Good wishes to Bishop Lopes
Sep. 12, 2016, By Zella Kotala
What do my son Carl and Bishop Steven Lopes have in common in addition to being born a few miles and years apart?   

Perils of mistranslating Scripture
Sep. 12, 2016, By Mary Pecci
I never cease to wonder who are these so-called “Bible scholars” who take it upon themselves to translate the sacred words of Scripture from one language to another, often to the detriment rather than to the enlightenment of the faithful – not to mention in ...

Name Christians slaughtered by hate and sin
Sep. 12, 2016, By Daniel Roddick
I noticed a message of love and sympathy in the Aug. 11 edition from The Sisters of St. Francis of Penance and Christian Charity. I was taken aback by the groups they left out. It would have been appropriate to mention Christians who have suffered greatly in recent months, as ...

Porziuncola pardon
Sep. 12, 2016, By Deacon Christoph Sandoval
I want to thank Catholic San Francisco for its recognition of my participation in the 800th anniversary of the Porzuincola Pardon during this Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy (Around the Archdiocese, Aug. 11).

Moral absolutes express love
Aug. 22, 2016, By Theodore Kirk
In a letter Aug. 11 (“Sexuality and grace”) a writer stated that Robert George is wrong about ancient heresy as cause to accept marriage redefinition, abortion, and transgender bathrooms.

Bishop Sheen’s message of life is timeless
Aug. 22, 2016, By Peter J. Fatooh
Down in Orange County in Anaheim, as you stand in the parking lot to Disneyland and do an “about face,” you will see in the distance a cathedral spire of glass. 

Civil and sacramental ceremonies
Aug. 22, 2016, By Jim McCrea
Re “Biden ‘counter-witness’ to church teaching, prelates say,” Aug. 11: The story points out how the three prelates being quoted have failed to differentiate between civil/secular marriage and sacramental matrimony.

Merciful, or misleading?
Aug. 22, 2016, By Jay Strickwerda
So, should the church now attempt to prove how really inclusive and evolved it is today by blessing and celebrating all 71 gender options listed on Facebook?

Gnosticism not to blame
Aug. 22, 2016, By Jim Stockholm
I find it absurd that Robert George lumps three complicated issues in one Napa Institute talk (“Does ancient heresy explain transgender bathrooms, abortion?” July 25).

Facing East together
Aug. 9, 2016, By Patricia Sharp
I happily changed my mind when I read Bishop (James D.) Conley’s column, “Looking to the East,” on this subject (Diocese of Lincoln, Southern Nebraska Register, Nov. 21, 2014). He said, in part, that we do not know when (Christ) will return, but Christ promised ...

No vote is without guilt
Aug. 9, 2016, By Mary Margaret Flynn
The two major conventions are over. There are four possible presidential/vice presidential pairs and long lists of propositions and senators and representatives to vote for. And a long list of policy decisions is ongoing: Affordable Care Act, climate change, civil liberties, a ...

Sexuality and grace
Aug. 9, 2016, By Peter Albert
Robert George has it wrong when he states: “It’s not that people think you are wrong to oppose the concept of same-sex marriage. They think you are nuts.”  

Catholic identity and the university
Aug. 9, 2016, By Donald C. Carroll
John Garvey, the president of Catholic University of America, reportedly told the Napa Institute on July 7 that building a Catholic university is “not a complicated thing” and that it is only necessary to follow St. John Paul II’s direction in “Ex Corde ...

Bishop Gallegos’ life of heroic virtue
Aug. 9, 2016, By Laurette Elsberry
Thank you for the informative article on Bishop Alphonse Gallegos and the cause for sainthood that has been advanced on his behalf (“Latino Sacramento bishop who died in 1991 declared venerable,” July 28). I knew Bishop Gallegos, and I have one special incident of ...

Need for witness against Roe v. Wade
Jul. 26, 2016, By Roy D. Petri

‘Ad orientem’ suggested, not mandated
Jul. 26, 2016, By Mary Bordi
 I hope that the letter “Facing our Lord in worship” in the July 14 edition did not elicit replies to Catholic San Francisco similar to some of the perfunctory responses wallpapering the Internet after Cardinal Sarah's remarks promoting “ad orientem” ...

Jesus did not turn his back at the Last Supper
Jul. 26, 2016, By Sue Hayes
 In response to the letter writer who is so happy that Cardinal Sarah calls for priests to face away from the people because "he is leading us to offer God the holy sacrifice of the body and blood of our Lord on our behalf" I can only say that the writer should ...

Preserving parking in North Beach
Jul. 26, 2016, By Father Gregory Coiro, OFMCap
 I noted with interest the large ad in support of the "Piazza St. Francis -The Poets' Plaza.” I hope the Archdiocese of San Francisco will oppose the piazza as depicted and described, as it will not only close Vallejo Street in front of The National Shrine of St. ...

God is all around us
Jul. 26, 2016, By Mary Margaret Flynn MD
 “I have been crucified in Christ; and it is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me; and the life which I now lived in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself up for me.” As baptized Christians at worship it makes ...

Refugees’ article seemed one-sided
Jul. 12, 2016, By Claire Rogus
The article by Mercy Sisters Diane Clyne and Marilyn Lacey seems to represent only one side of this issue, especially when they write opposing any legislation that would block resettlement of refugees who seek asylum in the U.S.  

The lighter side of marriage prep
Jul. 12, 2016, By Ed and Peg Gleason
We agree with the story on Pope Francis calling many Catholic marriages null because of a lack of sacramental intent.  

Speaking the truth in love
Jul. 12, 2016, By Jay Strickwerda
Yes, sincere deep compassion for the Orlando shooting victims and their families is unquestionably the humane and Christian response. But I wonder if the bishops were actually being quoted when phrases like “sexual orientation” and “sexual preferences” ...

Facing our Lord in worship
Jul. 12, 2016, By Jessica Munn
Isn’t it wonderful news that the Vatican, through Cardinal (Robert) Sarah, prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, has recently called on all priests to return to offering Mass facing “ad orientem,” which is facing ...

Need help understanding indulgences
Jun. 21, 2016
Could you possibly explain in simple terms what this “treasury” is? It’s very vague. I envision a kind of ATM machine. Who has access to it? “This treasury is the power of the divine love coursing through the veins of the mystical body of Christ” ...

Temptations at both extremes
Jun. 21, 2016, By Jay Strickwerda
A puritanical outlook is an unhealthy extreme to be well-avoided. But surely our current culture is overwhelmingly tempted by the opposite extreme, don’t you think?

Where is justice in rent proposal?
Jun. 21, 2016, By Jim Dempsey
Rents in the Bay Area have hit all-time highs, forcing many to stretch their budgets to the limit. This phenomenon is due to a steadily rising population while housing construction has grown only slightly over the last several years.

Work of the synods has just begun
Jun. 7, 2016, By Alex M. Saunders, MD
It is hoped that one may respectfully agree and disagree with an article written by one’s archbishop in Catholic San Francisco (“Survey results indicate need for ongoing formation,” May 26). Here are the simple points.  

Learning from history
May. 24, 2016, By Rosemary K. Ring
Do we ever learn from history? Looking back on our own, we are reminded by the story of Father Daniel Berrigan, who stood up for peace and risked prison to go with his own conscience, that serious objections to the Vietnam War were a Christian obligation he took personally. The ...

Extolling marital lovemaking
May. 9, 2016, By Larry Burdoin
The bishop’s opinion piece is very well written. I would like to add that porn use and addiction is also a problem for some married men in our society. Some men turn to porn because of sexual frustration or lack of sexual fulfillment in their marriage. The church can help ...

What would we do if we were refugees?
May. 9, 2016, By Richard Morasci
I am always struck by how easy it is for us, Americans, to brush aside the plight of the Middle Eastern refugees in Europe when (1) this country meddled in the Middle East, completely destabilizing the area and helping to usher in the present chaotic violence in Iraq and Syria; ...

Mideast refugee crisis
Apr. 26, 2016, By Dennis J. McGraw
 I’ve been reading about all these Catholics taking Iraqi and Syrian refugees into their homes. Tony Magliano wrote that the best way to handle the Mideast refugee problem is to supply them in the surrounding countries where they are accepted so they don’t have ...

Excellent exhortation coverage
Apr. 26, 2016, By John Weiser
Thanks for an excellent issue (April 21). The coverage of Pope Francis’ new apostolic exhortation is first-rate, starting with the archbishop’s front-page, positive commentary, the fine article by Bishop Barron and the focused Q-and-A with Barron and, finally, ...

Good article
Apr. 5, 2016, By Dick DeNezza
The St. Mary Star of the Sea Men’s Club wants to thank Christina Gray for the very good article she wrote concerning the visit of the archbishop to our parish (“Archbishop takes questions from Marin parishioners,” March 17). She covered all of the major points ...

For or against Trump
Apr. 5, 2016, By Joe Delorio
Why is everyone telling us Trump is bad for us? What qualifications did Hillary, Obama or Ted Kennedy have to run for office?

Legacy of St. Patrick
Apr. 5, 2016, By Peter J. Fatooh
What an interesting and informative piece. I enjoy Brother John’s articles that appear frequently in the Catholic. He is well versed and enjoyable to read.  

Never too late for change
Apr. 5, 2016, By Rosemary K. Ring
Cardinal (Bernard) Law and Cardinal (George) Pell were both effectually granted diplomatic immunity by the Vatican at a time when they would have had to face civil authority in their own diocesan jurisdictions. This was seen by both the secular press and by the majority of the ...

Parish grateful for archbishop’s visit
Mar. 21, 2016, By St. Mary Star of the Sea Men’s Club
The St. Mary Star of the Sea’s Men’s Club in Sausalito invited Archbishop Cordileone on March 10 to our parish. We were overjoyed when he happily accepted our invitation. The event included a reception to allow the archbishop to personally meet our parishioners ...

Catholics and the election
Mar. 21, 2016, By Larry Burdoin
Many Americans are justifiably angry at the two major (corrupt) political parties. Part of Mr. Trump’s appeal is that he is seen to be a political outsider.  

Assisting displaced Iraqis and Syrians
Mar. 21, 2016, By Sister Maureen McInerney, OP
On behalf of the Dominican Sisters of San Rafael, I extend my gratitude to the U.S. Catholic bishops for their clear advocacy for some of the world’s most vulnerable children, women and men: The millions of Iraqis and Syrians displaced by war and internal conflict.  

Cardinal Law and ‘Spotlight’
Mar. 21, 2016, By Richard Morasci
With “Spotlight,” the end of the story still has not been written. If the church is truly interested in reconciling with the many, many victims of child abuse in the Boston archdiocese, it must send back Cardinal Law to the U.S. for his day in court. How is it ...

Witless collection of offensive cliches
Mar. 15, 2016, By Mike DeNunzio
Surely rational adults, including this writer, will not watch the new ABC sitcom “The Real O’Neals,” Hollywood’s ridicule of Irish Catholics. There is nothing funny or real about “The Real O’Neals”; it is a witless collection of ...

Lessons of ‘Spotlight’
Mar. 15, 2016, By John McCord
“Spotlight” is a collegial lesson for our current church leaders. Cardinal Law’s malfeasance and institutional dishonesty are a degrading confirmation of the presence of evil and human frailty within the rectory of our faith.  

A beautiful Lenten custom
Mar. 15, 2016, By Michael Stallman
There’s a lovely and ancient practice I’d like to see more of. It consists in veiling the statuary and crucifix in the church with simple purple cloth for the last two weeks of Lent. We have been practicing our Lenten journey of prayer, fasting and almsgiving – ...

Fostering a mature faith
Mar. 15, 2016, By Alex M. Saunders
The letter of August Pijma (“Old Testament and Father Rolheiser,” March 3) is excellent witness to our church’s guilt in not fostering a mature adult Catholic faith. If every word of Scripture were of equal historical value then Mr. Pijma’s concern with ...

Old Testament and Father Rolheiser
Mar. 1, 2016, By August Pijma
I, too, am disturbed when reading the Old Testament with its violence and cruelty. If we have to take the readings in the New Testament literally, see Mathew 16 (“You art Peter”) and John 6 (“Unless you eat my flesh.”) Why shouldn’t we take the ...

Help for those struggling with addiction
Jan. 12, 2016, By Jay B.
Re “Pastors alarmed by ‘ubiquitous’ pornography’s impact on children and families,” (Aug. 26, 2015):  

Unfamiliar with scientific method
Dec. 15, 2015, By Alex M. Saunders, MD
In his critique of Pope Francis comments on climate change Ed Binetti (Dec. 3)) seems unfamiliar with scientific method. The method sequence is observation, making a hypothesis or theory, followed by experiments to test theory, leading to a conclusion based on result. The ...

The gift of giving
Dec. 15, 2015, By Mike McAdoo
As an aging man, in the autumn of his years, I return to Christmases past. I remember the joy as a child of opening presents from those who loved me. One Christmas stands out. I remember when my father got me a new bicycle.

Contesting letters appreciated
Dec. 15, 2015, By Joe Delorio
I really enjoyed the honesty of both letters by Ed Binetti and Richard Morasci (Dec. 3). And I agree fully with them. But I will also give credit to the paper for printing those letters which disagree with some of your liberal writers.

Pope Francis a quisling?
Dec. 10, 2015, By Father William Brown, Pastor
In his Dec. 3 letter Mr. Ed Binetti declares that the Holy Father is “not a scientist” but rather a “gullible quisling” – all because of Pope Francis’ efforts to deal with global warming and other environmental problems.

Misleading portrait
Dec. 10, 2015, By Father Thomas J. Whelan, OSA
Ed Binetti spreads the misleading portrait of Pope Francis by climate change deniers who do not want to listen to the Pope’s authoritative moral voice in the encyclical “Laudato Si” by giving misinformation about Pope Francis by saying “Francis is not a ...

Marriage is a divine gift
Dec. 10, 2015, By Lenny Barretto
Marriage is in decline and fewer couples are marching to the altar while unmarried cohabitation is on the rise.   

Papal politics and climate change
Dec. 1, 2015, By Ed Binetti
Pope Francis is quoted saying, “A very solid scientific consensus indicates we are presently witnessing a disturbing warming of the climatic system.” The trouble with this statement is science does not operate on consensus. It is or it isn’t. The earth is round ...

No excuses on sex abuse
Dec. 1, 2015, By Richard Morasci
I have not seen the movie “Spotlight” yet. Since it is a Hollywood movie, I would expect that it got some things right and some things wrong. Mr. Clifford (Letters, Nov. 12) seems to be taking another stance when he blames the media during the Catholic priest sex ...

Foudy family remembrance
Nov. 17, 2015, By Peter J. Fatooh
On Nov. 7 Bishop William Justice was principal celebrant of a funeral Mass for Mary Foudy at St. Gabriel Church in San Francisco. Bishop Ignatius Wang and Bishop Daniel Walsh, along with priests of the archdiocese, were present to attest to the remarkable life of not only of ...

California bishops must oppose death penalty
Nov. 17, 2015, By Stuart MacKenzie
Yesterday (Nov. 12) the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals rejected a legal challenge to the death penalty. Now, the bishops of the California Catholic Conference need to do three actions to support a culture of life:  


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