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No excuses on sex abuse
December 1st, 2015
By Richard Morasci

I have not seen the movie “Spotlight” yet. Since it is a Hollywood movie, I would expect that it got some things right and some things wrong. Mr. Clifford (Letters, Nov. 12) seems to be taking another stance when he blames the media during the Catholic priest sex abuse scandal.

That the media was slow to report on the abuse scandal is a separate issue. That it failed to report on abuse at public schools is still another issue. The Catholic hierarchy bears full responsibility (with or without media coverage) when it continually transferred priests from parish to parish after it was discovered that those priests had abused children. It cannot make excuses for itself. The first bishop or cardinal who moved a priest to a new parish to cover up the scandal betrayed the families of both parishes who trusted the church to take good care of their children in Catholic schools.

We can point our fingers all we want (as Mr. Clifford does) at other occurrences of child sexual abuse outside of Catholic schools. However, this will not diminish the abuse that took place inside Catholic parishes. Blaming anyone else and especially the media for the child abuse by Catholic priests is merely a smokescreen.

Richard Morasci
San Francisco


From December 3, 2015 issue of Catholic San Francisco.


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