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Papal politics and climate change
December 1st, 2015
By Ed Binetti

Pope Francis is quoted saying, “A very solid scientific consensus indicates we are presently witnessing a disturbing warming of the climatic system.” The trouble with this statement is science does not operate on consensus. It is or it isn’t. The earth is round or it isn’t. There is a gravitational field around earth or there isn’t. Scientists continually try to prove a condition and when they do so and never obtain a different result that condition becomes fact. Because it cannot be disproved. But Francis is not a scientist. He is a political activist who has been fed faulty information and quasi-facts that confirm in the minds of him and other gullible quislings the environmental dogma which permeates Western society.

If human activity can alter climate then it must follow man had something to do with the creation of our solar system, our planet, the universe! If Francis wishes to undertake elaborating on this point he might connect for us mortals how God fits into the scheme of things. The paradox is fascinating. The contradiction that a pope believes man can affect what God has created might result in a profound decrease in the collection basket. Francis may do better rendering to God what is God’s and to science what is factually provable.

Ed Binetti
Daly City

 From December 3, 2015 issue of Catholic San Francisco.


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