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Extolling marital lovemaking
May 9th, 2016
By Larry Burdoin

Re “Porn and the curse of total sexual freedom,” Bishop Robert Barron, April 28:

The bishop’s opinion piece is very well written. I would like to add that porn use and addiction is also a problem for some married men in our society. Some men turn to porn because of sexual frustration or lack of sexual fulfillment in their marriage. The church can help here by making sure that it speaks out against the sin of sexual refusal within marriage. As distasteful as that may be for the clergy, it is necessary.

Looking at the larger issue: “Sex is, on the biblical reading, good indeed, but its goodness is a function of its subordination to the demand of love.”

Indeed, yet the church does not like to use the term lovemaking! A wife is not “objectified” within a loving marriage when there is frequent lovemaking outside of the fertile days of the month. The unitive aspect of married sexual relations is the sexual love and bonding the spouses feel for each other; and this is not dependent upon procreation as the sexual love exists even in marriages where one spouse is naturally infertile.

In the Gospels, Christ called us to live moral, human lives, not ascetic lives. Can the Catholic Church achieve a positive view of married lovemaking?

Larry Burdoin
San Francisco

The writer is a member of St. Anne of the Sunset Parish.


From May 12, 2016 issue of Catholic San Francisco.


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