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Bishop Gallegos’ life of heroic virtue
August 9th, 2016
By Laurette Elsberry

Thank you for the informative article on Bishop Alphonse Gallegos and the cause for sainthood that has been advanced on his behalf (“Latino Sacramento bishop who died in 1991 declared venerable,” July 28). I knew Bishop Gallegos, and I have one special incident of his life to relate that demonstrates his “heroic virtue.”

On Aug. 24, 1991, Bishop Gallegos and his driver went to a well-known abortion facility in Sacramento that was constantly “defended” by pro-abortion, raucous and militant feminists. The bishop wanted to pray for the ending of abortion at the facility. At one point, he and his driver knelt down and began to pray out loud. The pro-abortion group – about a dozen radicals – almost seemed to go berserk, screeching with rage. It was if Satan himself was there.

This went on for several minutes. All during this time Bishop Gallegos and his driver remained on their knees in prayer.

Less than two months later the bishop died in the unfortunate auto accident as he was returning home from participating in a rosary to end abortion. He is fondly remembered in Sacramento and did live a heroic life of virtue.

Laurette Elsberry


From August 11, 2016 issue of Catholic San Francisco.


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