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Sexuality and grace
August 9th, 2016
By Peter Albert

Re “Does ancient heresy explain headlong rush to accept gay marriage, abortion, transgender bathrooms?” July 28:

Robert George has it wrong when he states: “It’s not that people think you are wrong to oppose the concept of same-sex marriage. They think you are nuts.”

I don’t think opponents are nuts: I think they are either in willful denial or ignorance. Catholics are unmistakably at an untenable point on this issue: We’ve rejected the notion of homosexuality as a sinful condition or an illness, and we now accept homosexuality as a natural condition, backed by science, deserving of love and inclusion and therefore within God’s grace. And that is also how we accept sexuality: As an expression all humans are entitled to share in a blessed, loving relationship.

And yet we draw a line between between all humans and homosexuals, a line that exists nowhere in any of the Gospels or other words of Christ, a line that denies basic dignities to humans merely because of who they were born to be.

My optimism assures me that Catholics, who, as a people and a faith, following Christ’s example, have most certainly evolved on numerous challenging issues over the years, are compassionate, intelligent, courageous and vigilantly prayerful enough to erase that line once and for all.

Peter Albert
San Francisco


From August 11, 2016 issue of Catholic San Francisco.


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