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No vote is without guilt
August 9th, 2016
By Mary Margaret Flynn

The two major conventions are over. There are four possible presidential/vice presidential pairs and long lists of propositions and senators and representatives to vote for. And a long list of policy decisions is ongoing: Affordable Care Act, climate change, civil liberties, a Supreme Court justice to be vetted (belatedly), reform of taxes, Social Security, war, peace, international affairs, foreign aid, etc.

I have voted in all the primaries and elections – local, federal and state – since turning 21. As previously some dear precious friends and parishioners sum it all up in one question: “Are you going to vote pro-life?” And as before, we won’t all be voting the same way. Mercy, please. To me it is clearly evident neither of the two major parties is pro-life. No vote is without guilt, in other words. Even the choice to not vote at all is not without guilt. So let us treasure our gift of faith, worship together the same Lord of all life, and pray for one another as daily we each are called to, with God’s grace, live Matthew 25:35-40.

Mary Margaret Flynn
San Carlos

The writer is a member of St. Charles Parish.


From August 11, 2016 issue of Catholic San Francisco.


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