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Gnosticism not to blame
August 22nd, 2016
By Jim Stockholm

I find it absurd that Robert George lumps three complicated issues in one Napa Institute talk (“Does ancient heresy explain transgender bathrooms, abortion?” July 25).

Since Peter Albert has eloquently addressed the issue of same-sex marriage in his Aug. 11 letter to CSF, I would like to address the issue of abortion. Here are some facts: Colorado has offered free birth control for the past five years. The results are: (1) unintended pregnancies dropped by 40 percent; (2) abortions fell by 42 percent. So, why isn’t the RCC endorsing birth control since 90 percent of American Catholic women ignore the RCC teaching on this issue? The RCC teaching on birth control became a bad joke 20 years ago.

Mr. George offers us a reference from St. Irenaeus (AD 130) who at that time spoke to Gnostic philosophies. And, he makes a claim that the issues of same-sex marriage, abortion and transgender bathrooms are a resurgence of Gnostic philosophies as articulated in AD 130? In my opinion, the participants in the Napa Institute conference would have better used their time by taking any one of the great Napa Valley winery tours.

Jim Stockholm
San Francisco

From August 25, 2016 issue of Catholic San Francisco.


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