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Peace and justice in the Philippines
September 12th, 2016
By Rose M. Jardin

Re ‘Philippines revenge killings stun Catholic leaders” (Aug. 25):

I disagree with what Father Virgilio Canete saying that the “church cannot do anything” with regard to the alleged revenge killings in the Philippines. Remember, Father Canete, the EDSA Revolution that ended the 20-year martial law regime of the late president Ferdinand Marcos? It was the church – God’s people, the people’s power that the bombing of Camp Crame at Quezon City did not happen.

What would you do, Father Canete, if a man confessed to you that he killed a drug pusher and told you why, what, who made him a killer?

I admire the guts of Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte to wage war against drug lords, drug pushers. I hope and pray that the president as a graduate from the College of Law at San Beda College, Manila, is doing his job for the people to have justice for all – rich or poor, powerful or weak – to get rid of drug lords, drug pushers, drug manufacturers from our beloved Philippines.

I still believe the Philippines will not become a killing nation. It is not an impossible dream, Archbishop (Socrates) Villegas (president of the Philippines’ Catholic bishops’ conference), for what is impossible to man is possible To God.

Rose M. Jardin
San Bruno


From September 15, 2016 issue of Catholic San Francisco.


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