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Praising Trump and disruptive change
February 20th, 2017
By Tom C. Johnson

Unfortunately, Clara McKennett (Letters, Feb. 9) won’t see this incredible source of religious inspiration anymore because she un-subscribed possibly over the president’s decision not to send federal funds anymore to foreign countries for abortions, or was it appointing a pro-choice Supreme Court judge? Or vouchers for Catholic schools with the new education secretary?

His decision to keep Carrier jobs in America preserved my cousin’s job. She works for Carrier and supports her family. She is very grateful to the president for keeping her job.

The terrorist who shot 14 innocent Americans in San Bernardino County was not properly vetted before coming to America to kill us. Did Ms. McKennett object to proper vetting of aliens?

We will never know because she has stopped her subscription. As my Jewish friends say “what’s not to like?” in disruptive change in the land we love (and the paper we love).

Tom C. Johnson
San Francisco

Editor’s note: To clarify, the writer of the Feb. 9 letter did not say she dropped the paper but indicated that she may do so. Second, as the letters on this page indicate, the paper welcomes and has a duty to share a range of views reflecting the honest differences that exist among the faithful of the archdiocese.

From February 23, 2017 issue of Catholic San Francisco.


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