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False apparitions
March 20th, 2017
By Laurette Elsberry

Thank you for publishing Bishop Ratko Peric’s statements in the March 9 Catholic San Francisco. As Bishop of the Mostar-Duvno diocese in Bosnia Herzegovina, Bishop Peric has been attacked verbally and physically by those who have been taken in by the Medjugorje hoax, and left dangling in the wind by the Vatican in his struggle to expose the lies and fantasy.

All too frequently, Medjugorje “seers” appear at “Marian conferences” in the U.S. Under the guise of being events to honor the mother of God, the “seers” and their handlers rake in bundles of cash and peddle a variety of “spiritual” services and religious objects – and especially travel packages to Medjugorje even though the Vatican has discouraged these “pilgrimages.”

These conferences become almost circus spectacles, with faith healers, priests who “slay in the spirit” (make people fall backward into the arms of “catchers”) comedians and raucous singing. I hope the Catholic San Francisco article will wake up some readers who unfortunately believe in these false apparitions.

Laurette Elsberry

From March 23, 2017 issue of Catholic San Francisco.


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