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Filmmaker Nyna Pais Caputi, in front, with children from a home called Balagokulam that provides a home and education to girls from families who can't afford them w

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'Petals in the Dust' to screen at film festival
July 25th, 2016
By Catholic San Francisco

The United Nations Association Film Festival has selected the documentary of female genocide, “Petals in the Dust: The Endangered Indian Girls” to screen at its film festival Oct. 20-30 in Palo Alto, Stanford University, East Palo Alto and San Francisco.



 “As they are focused primarily on human rights, we believe this is an excellent platform to raise awareness, broaden the reach of the film and shed light on the condition of an endangered people in one of the most populous, culturally and economically vibrant countries in the world, modern India,” said Nyna Pais Caputi, Bay Area Catholic film maker who grew up in India.



Because of a preference for boys, “50 million women were killed in India in the last century, that is more than the number of people killed in World War I and II, more than those who lost their lives in the Holocaust,” said Pais Caputi.  “This is genocide and cannot be ignored any longer. Although India's economy is booming, women in India continue to be victims of extreme violence from the womb to the tomb through sex-selective abortions, infanticide, dowry deaths, trafficking and rape.”



The film profiles the stories of women who survived, and also tells the stories of some of those who did not.



The UNAF Festival’s theme this year is “Compass for a Better World” which the festival organizers said on their website “continues the ongoing celebration of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and focuses on various aspects of the Sustainable Development Goals.” The film was selected by a 28-member jury committee which reviewed almost 700 submissions for the 60-hour long festival program.



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