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Archbishop Salvatore J. Cordileone sounded that challenge in his front-page From the Archbishop column Oct. 25, 2013.

Your San Francisco archdiocesan newspaper is the archdiocese's primary communications tool to nourish our parishes, evangelize and credibly represent the church in the modern world.

CSF is the media "home" for Catholics in the archdiocese, the place to go for information, inspiration and hospitality reflecting the church in all its richness -- liturgical celebrations, sacraments, education, fellowship, the transmission of the teaching of the faith and diverse witness by all the baptized faithful to the Gospel proclamation of love of God and love of neighbor wherever witness is demanded in the modern world.

No other Northern California media source puts it all together in one package with frequent publication and print service to all registered parish members -- plus online distribution through the paper's new eEdition desktop and mobile applications. Technologies change but the 2,000-year-old Gospel proclamation does not. As the archbishop said, our mission is truly to "go and make disciples of all."

Your generous gift will help us to maintain full print service as we develop specialized print products and new technologies to share the Good News with digital consumers. Are you a Catholic media evangelizer? If so, here are just a few of the roles you could play to make to make a real difference.

Print Evangelizer. In the spirit of Pope Francis, help us proclaim the Gospel to all corners as we build a "church for the poor," protect and celebrate life, combat the "globalization of indifference" and challenge the false boons of materialism. So far in 2013 one issue of the paper is averaging $17,287 to print and distribute, in line with last year's $17,268 average. Postage is the biggest cost (56 percent this year vs. 55.4 percent in 2012) and rates increase every year -- an expense we hesitate to pass on to our many long-time, small business advertisers who are our Catholic friends and neighbors. If just one in 100 of our 69,400 print subscribers gave $25 each, we could add an issue to our schedule every year and keep pace with postal rates. We’d like to add seven, and that makes our need a little over $100,000 per year.

Digital Evangelizer. In the spirit of Blessed John Paul II, help us evangelize all people but especially the young, whose prayerful and inspired gatherings moved the pope to call them "a special gift of the Spirit of God." Our new eEdition launched in November 2013 with desktop and mobile versions. An iPad is next. Then, we'll use the same technology, through our partner Olive Software of Aurora, Colo., to publish a quarterly online version of the official archdiocesan directory. After that, we're scheduled to build and publish an archive of all CSF content since the paper's start in February 1999 -- almost 15,000 pages. Development costs for this series: $20,000. Monthly operating costs: $2,000.

Special Projects Evangelizer. In the spirit of Blessed John XXIII, help us with the continuing work of renewing the church in the modern world. Especially help us celebrate our local communion of nearly 500,000 Catholics in 90 parishes plus religious communities, schools and apostolates. Our newly expanded CSF team met at San Bruno Church Nov. 7, 2013, to break ground on a three-year strategic plan. Over the next few months we’ll map our way toward three goals to create and distribute Catholic content: Securing a full-service print paper; building a strong CSF presence for digital natives who demand interaction; and creating special, high-value print projects. Well-produced pictorial magazines to capture parish life in each of our 11 deaneries are one idea we think has a lot of promise. The CSF newspaper staff can supply the talent if generous disciples in our community help out with printing and postage costs.

Please give generously! Mail a check, payable to Catholic San Francisco, to: Catholic San Francisco, Dept. W, One Peter Yorke Way, San Francisco CA 94109, or call (415) 614-5640.















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